Thursday, 9 October 2014

Operation Fussbodenschiefmaschinenverleih

Yes, that's German for "floor polishing machine hire".

We had found a Dark Blood Large tower with 19 Silos, one of each of everything, 3 CHA's and 3 online SMA's and  Capital Ship Assembly Array, defended by 8 medium guns, a faction dissy, and a web. No hardeners.

So we decided to have a RF come out on a Saturday instead of a Sunday, and aided by the shitty attempt at defences attempted by the residents, this allowed a Thursday night bash for us. It went swimmingly, with 8 oracles, 4 ishtars and a Navy Vexor or two punching the POS over within 2 and 3/4 hours.

It came out with 14 hours of stront, which put it in the a.m. in Australia, Friday. This wasn't ideal, but us unemployed bums, including a ISBoxing pilot, would make short work of it. I'd have to wake up early-ish to attempt hole control, but no biggie.

Buh bow.

The POS is bugged, or the POS code has more bugs than a maggoty vagina, so the residents managed to online 40 gun batteries on us during the reinforcement timer. Suddenly a cakewalk turned into a fucking joke.

This is seriously annoying bullshit that happens time and again. Apparently the guy who wrote the POS code had the mental acuity of a stranded lungfish and the coding puissance of a dyslexic midget, and then he did the smart thing and left CCP, taking whatever ability to interpret his code with him (or so the myth in EVE goes), which now precludes CCP from fiddling with POS code in any meaningful way. Allegedly.

However, CCP can add compression arrays, XL SMA's, and Personal hangar Arrays whenever they want, but leave vulnerabilities in security, bugs in the management, and an horrendous onlining/offlining chore. Nothing suss! Totally i believe the myth.

Thus, people get stuck with a vital piece of wormhole infrastructure which is buggy, insane (like, our POS shoots everyone, blues and corpies included, no idea why), barely functional, not intuitive, and did i mention buggy?

People put up with it, including munted insecure shit like SMA's, because they have to. it's a stupid situation and everyone wishes they would fix POS's, but CCP is more concerned with space barbie items and making people hate their space (null, wormholes).

So, operation Fussbodenschiefmaschinenverleih is a failure, and we retreat to the Mullet Hole to consider our next move, our next victims and our next content creation attempt.

Noobship roam tonight, 0800 GMT, for the MATE roam, just FYI.


  1. Well said Trinkets Friend, well said.

    I was looking forward to joining you all again tonight and tomorrow to finish off the POS but this is a joke.

    Guns may not use CPU but they use PG and how the hell can they online stuff when the tower is supposed to be in stasis.

  2. I thought that since guns don't use CPU you could anchor, unanchor and rep them while reinforced?

  3. Yeah, and if you can, you are not be able to online them. Usually.

    Basically, if you're able to online guns while RFed you may as well not have a POS reinforcement timer, or stront, or an attackability at all, because in the constrained environment of wormholes all the defender really needs to do is online 60 guns once the POS is RF'd.

  4. You can anchor and online guns when POS is in RF. Have been this way as far as I remember. When you are aware it become more a feature than bug but I understand it wasnt really fun for you guys on this op. You could always swap to a bunch of baddons and guardians for the finish up ;)


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