Wednesday, 8 October 2014


I have moved the corp into a larger POS, mostly for achievement reasons. See, I came up with a ridiculous POS fit. You all know how I like playing around with POSs (c.f. the Golem), so I believe this is the Ultimate Dampstar. I have taken the Dampstar meta to its inevitable apogee and like anything which is done to excess, it should operate like the most annoying thing ever and provide encroyable defensive benefits which are only apparent once you make the mistake of investing 24 hours in attacking it and give up 5% of the way through.

Testing will commence shortly, but probably after Operation Fussbodenshliefmacschinenvelieh.

The other POS related achievement i wish to do will require, hmm, about a billion ISK, a lot of hauling, and brain deadening stupidity, but should result in amusement factor and a good gif.

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