Thursday, 2 October 2014

Elite Warriors

There's a reason that BUGRY plays the game with SWIFT, and isn't in SWIFT. Well, a couple.

First and foremost is the tactical options which this provides, in and out of wormholes. If Yuri the Russian bear sees a BUGRY member jump through a wormhole, and then a few minutes later a SWIFT member jump through, it's likely we won't necessarily be associated with one another. That allows more efficient baiting and trapping.

Secondly, we can swap or share logistics in a time of war. You can get a war, we have found, by getting a freighter alt and logging it off on a gate in view of some of the "elite" highsec griefer alliances. They drop a dec on you within minutes, thinking that if the freighter doesn't log in within 24 hours they can camp that gate 23.75/7 and snag a juicy freighter gank.

Thirdly, in a time of war, one of us runs neutral logistics for the other. This is good fun, starting off with the Enyo gang and taking out the enemy AF gang, progressing to a period of logon traps, trolling a second war so they eliminate the neutral logi by deccing that corporation (guess what, fuckers, I have 3 separate corps with T1 logi cruiser toons in them), bumping war targets on gates and generally teabagging them until they give up or get so distracted they fail at ganking anything, and general douchebaggery.

But mostly, I will soon be starting my own alliance, the name of which I shall for now keep secret, likewise the ticker. I'm doingg this entirely as an achievement unlock in-game, due to having done pretty much everything else short of wasting a toon on putting it in a supercap. I also haven't done the -10 experience, so that might be the last thing I will do in game.

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