Sunday, 29 November 2015

Flights of the Shameboat III - Episode 2, The Quittening

I have been solo roaming wormholes in between ill-advised punishment of my liver over the weekend.

I've chosen a dualprop, dual rep Stratios backed up by a DPS Falcon (the Shameboat III). Part of my PVP loadout is of course, a T2 medium bubble, because you always want to catch people as they stumble back to POS.

I found just the right victim after a ten deep wormhole chain full of nothing but a relic hunting Astero (who offered me 50M to stay alive; I made 58M off his wreck). The chain dumped out in Huola, and there were two other wormholes.

I was sitting off one when it fired and a Vexor comes out, orbits around and warps to a medium complex, then dies to a Vexor. He comes back in a pod, jumps in the hole. A minute later, out he comes in a Coercer and starts mouthing off in Local.

Cage Man> Where all the FW buttbois at?

I had a bit of a look at the guy as he went and lost his Coercer to a Svipul, again. Ex-Pandemic Horde scrub, fairly young, had some quite, shall we say "interesting" Nestor fits. I decided to jump in and see where he was coming from, thinking it would be a nullsec connection.

Nope, he lived out of a POS. So I set up a 350km pounce off his POS and waited for the guy to lose his Coercer. I anchored a bubble, and while it was anchoring, I warped the Stratios off to the hisec to see what was taking him so long.

He spotted me on the hsec and I thought, fuck it, have a bit of a fight, jump to lowsec, he warps back home, Falcon catches him on the bubble, bingo bango. Nope, I managed to draw him off the hole and was clutch tanking him (bleeding hull badly) and decided to drop the Falcon.

The Shameboat III has only 2 ECM's, so instead of pointlessly jamming the Gila i jammed the guy's drones. Which is actually quite hilarious, because he lost all his DPS and they went into orbit patterns, which is nice and slow, and thus easy to kill. He also didn't realise.

So, finally I chew him down and the kvetching starts. According to Cage Man;

1) the game is broken.
2) He didn't mean to burn his HAMs out, they cycled two times after he stopped heating them (and my AAR didn't heat properly either, but who's complaining?)
3) He's over this gay game
4) He offered me all his stuff, and claimed he's quitting.

I nearly got his pod in the bubble as he warped back to POS, too.

Falcons: generating tears since 2000-jiggly-doo

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Neut Falloff vs RR Falloff: more of the same

The upcoming Remote Repair Falloff changes are out for discussion, as are the Neut and Nos Rebalance data.

The falloff curves are the key here. The RR of Guardians is still 100% effective to 60km, which is where they sit right at the moment anyway. Sure, at 70km you begin to suffer a bit more falloff with only 60% effectiveness, but this is a moot point because you're cap stable, still.

Typically, Guardians have so much extra capacitor it's kind of ridiculous: +148/s and a demand of -68.9/s AB fit. That's 80 cap/s spare in a 2 x 4 configuration. Or about 50%.

The way the neut optimal and falloff is going to work is that, yes, you will (with a Geddon) be neuting to 30km optimal + 10km falloff. This means that at 60km you do 12% of your effective neuting. Which means, basically, you won't be able to dent the cap pool of a Guardian even if the reps are more sucky on a slower cycle time. It will be irrelevant, because your effective -25/s won't change the equation. It will be +148/s and -95/s.

The Guardian has a larger cap pool, albeit a slightly slower recharge. That's not going to matter because your cap pool is now so large you can sit through a neuting episode quite comfortably.

There's also going to be a possibility to change the fits, with Memory Cell II's and CPR fits now a viable alternative, with a 5 x 1 fit quite workable for a Guardian. You can rep for 6 minutes with no inbound cap and 3 out. Six minutes.

There isn't really much to say that the current armour T3 meta will change much. Slower but punchier reps will, maybe, advantage aggro swapping but not if you can run a 5 x 1 fit. That's 384 raw hitpoints a second per guardian, so a minimum of 768hp/s at 60km. If your T3 has 80% resists, that's a 3840 DPS tank. With a low enough sig, your wake-limited linked-up Armour T3 can easily tank 7-10 of its compatriots.

With 4 Guardians, you can achieve that at close to 80km in falloff.

So, no, nothing much is changing in the meta with all this. not until remote capacitor transmitters get a massive kick to the nuts, or the Guardian actually gets balanced. You know what fucking balance is? It's having a gooddamn devil's choice to make between 4 x 2 repping non-stable and 3 x 2 repping (1 off) stable. 5 x 1's or 3 x 0 (2 +1 off) for 6 minutes isn't balanced toward reducing logi blobs.

The shield RR's, however, are significantly different. This will really impact the popularity of Scimitar vs Basilisk, especially with the new Command Destroyers and people'shabits of blobbing up. CD's will be less useful at snatching a gang away from a Scimi, because it'll have reps out to 115km. That said, the new cycle time bloat of Shield RR really means that rail  and beam lasers are going to be the counter to shield kitfag meta.

We will see; it's such a huge and broad set of changes to modules, module behaviour, ship stats and indeed capacitor amounts and fittings which flow on from that, that it's probably actually too early to say.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Problem with Maths Problems

After the "field tests" of the blap Phoenix, versus in the first instance Dropbears Anonymous (blap blap blap) and Lazerhawks (er...died in a fire) my opinion on the upcoming capital rebalance has hardened.

The advantage of the blap Cruise Phoenix is that, once you've resolved the equation of missiles vs sig radius x speed, there's nowhere for your foes to hide and no way for them to avoid or shed damage. You just blap away to edge of grid, as BAERS found out.

Of course, LZHX avoided being blapped aside from one loki, due to their wake limiter subs and AB legions, but that's as much shitty TP skills as anything else. Our Vigil pilots didn't have the requisite 2nd tier skill trained which actually makes TP's effective; instead of 86% per TP to a maximum of 6, they were at 37%. This matters a LOT. A lot more than, say, 20% less capacitor use.

Anyway, the thing about dreads in combat is they are a one shot item; once you are committed you are committed. Once you hit siege, you have a closed system for 5 minutes. Lazerhawks primed me literally 1 second after I started a cycle, which was bad luck, but it just illstrates the point: unable to refit due to the carrier being bumped out of range and no Nestors on field, you have a closed system. If you get neuted out, if the DPS overwhelms your tank, you die. Simple as that. No refits, nada. It happens.

here's the thing. under larrikin's new capital system, dreads are going to be frankly useless. Why?

1) They will be (partly) susceptible to TD's and MD's (missile disruptors). This alone would be enough to obviate the need to change blap dreads because the line between blapping and not is qite fine; the sig radius difference between the Loki that died and the Legions which didn't is less than 5%. Either way you look at it, being susceptible to a TD or MD will reduce performance overall.

2) Dread DPS is going to become irrelevant except for XL Citadels. In the new Citadel system even Large citadels will still be susceptible to large-ish fleets of high-DPS battleships or massed bomber fleets. There will be very few reasons to deploy a Dread unless the Citadel defences are nasty. If they are nasty, you have FAX. If your XL Citadel can doomsday and kill capitals, you'd be fucked in the head to deploy a Dread because...

3) Expanded grids, and Carriers with projectable fighters, may invalidate Citadel gun defences entirely. I mean, think about it. if your max lock range is 250km and POS's and hence Citadels rarely shoot you beyond 300km (trust me on this I am the POS guru), and you can drive fighters across grid and shoot without a lock, why deploy a Dread within range of a Citadel at all?just fly your fighters through space to attack the Citadel and keep your carrier safely beyond the range of the defences.

4) The reduction in EHP of Capitals will make a 5 minute siege cycle a fatality. it was already quite fatal for my Phoenix; I died with 2 minutes left on the cycle. True, it wasn't exactly the most tanked Dread fit, I had no cap to even run a DCU due to 20 neuting legions and probably 30-40 medium neuts cycling, but we are talking about Larrikin reducing EHP substantially.

The only way I'd have survived longer was either a) refit b) Capital ASB c) Capital Capacitor injector tank (which is unrealistic anyway due to, viz. lack of slots).

5) The need to deaggress to refit; sure I was pretty boned, but with less EHP to burn, you can't necessarily afford a full minte to deaggress in order to refit from gank to tank. This mechanic is arguable, because it is so vital to current WH Dread meta (or any Dread which isn't at risk of DD or blapping from massive firepower), but its absence will be uite inimicable.

6) Dreads are likely to remain static. This is the worst part about the upcoming changes; immobility forced on a Dreadnought by the Siege cycle is utter cancer, especially given the new role of Carriers and the mobility they will gain with MWD's or AB's. Even if you imagine Carriers having a 300m/s speed (and partial web immunity) they will be able to, with a combination of an immobile Dread to zoidberg away from, a Dread which is suffering stacked TD's or MD's, a Dread which has had its heavy weaponry replaced by shitty "High-Angle Weapons" aka BS guns on roids, or actual Capital Guns with extra-nerfed trcking, and the ability to fit a burst tank....I mean, really? Carriers will just kite away from a Dreadnought as much as possible, being unable to be hit by non-tracking TD's guns while driving squadrons of fighters across a 2,500km expanded grid to assfuck the opposition.

7) Nerfed weapons. Like, if the blap dread is a maths problem at the moment, compounded by the need to pile support (and logi to keep the support up) onto field, then it's a maths and manpower issue all rolled into one. Are blap dreads powerful? Yes. Are they limited? Hells yes. Do Dread guns need to be nerfed and replaced with BS guns which do shit DPS? No.

The part that Larrikin seems to miss is the LZHX vs BAERS endgames. Blap dreads are considered to be what we did to BAERS all the time; the Dread just starts alphaing shit off the field and everyone loses 750M ISK T3's and there's QQ and biscuits.

However, without blap dreads, the LZHX outcome is more likely. If you cannot alpha T3's, then logi begins to become dominant. Logi at the moment is far, far too strong. Lazerhawks had 3-5 Guardians (I wasn't counting, as I was too busy) and due to the inability of the Phoenix to get traction and alpha things, our DPS was just not enough to punch through them (and we lacked neuts and ECM). An extra 2,000 paper DPS of BS guns wouldn't have made a lick of difference in the fight, which is what these naff HAW's are going to be.

To put it in perspective, my Phoenix out of siege nearly alpha'd a Stiletto. It couldn't alhpa Legions. And you think that having Cruise Missile level application and 2,000 DPS HAW's is better than having better than (subcap) Cruise Missile worth of Citadel Cruise and 4,800 DPS?

Get off the crack pipe. So, i really question the upcoming Capital system. Dreads are doing to be obsoleted instantly by overpowered Carriers.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Ala Kachuu!

Ala Kachuu is the Kazakh tradition of bride kidnap; you basically abduct your bride and force her to marry you. Also rape, no doubt, and sexual slavery. It still goes on to this day, but there's cultural homage paid with rituals like carrying your bride out of the ceremony and whatnot.

now, Ala Kachuu is coming to EVE Online with a line of Command Destroyers which use an offensive area of effect teleportation device to take any mobile, not-scrammed ship, drone, munition, rat or object 100km away.

 Command Destroyers are coming, and they will be a whole new meta all by themselves. You can read my initial feedback here.

They will be fucking cool, and chaotically complex like no other ship in existence. It will be like innumerable horror films where creatures come and steal victims away one by one. Basically, they'll be Pole Cats. You know Pole Cats - you fucking watched mad Max: Fury Road like a real human, didn't you?

The thing about the new Command Destroyers is that it's actually a good mechanic with trade-offs and intricacies, let alone requiring great timing and coordination.

Yes, it is powerful to be able to barrel into a bunch of BS or a lone ship, or a bunch of logistics and snap them off from the group. You can move drones, too, which will see even a failed assault on a domi ball have consequences (good or bad) as the Domi's drones are now 100km away from the mothership.

However, the dynamic is about scrams - if the CD or its target are scrammed, the Ala Kachuu doesn't work. While it's unlikely that BS who are cold dropped on by CDs will have them locked in time to prevent a teleport at 5 seconds, if it's a longer battle then this is likely...and you will definitely be targeting these in slower armour groups or gangs with logis.

There's also the issue of the target defensively MJD'ing. Sure, at 9s cycle time you can't necessarily avoid the Ala Kachuu but you can possible MJD a few seconds after being teleported, because you will not have been scrammed in order to be teleported. So your enemies will need to keep a scram floating free and get lucky server ticks to hold you down.

Yes, these ships are going to be a bane of slow BS fleets. However, they are hard countered by the proposed uber-HICs with 21-37.5km infinipoints. Or by competent defensive tackle(rs).

There has been a lot of huffing about logis being Ala Kachuu 100km off their fleets to break logistics. Well, realistically, sometimes you really do need something to break the risk-averse NDORD / WH0RE type faggotry where people blob a 50% logi comp on top of you. Sure, there's a risk to a logi blob of being Ala Kachuu out of a fight by a CD, but there's a few salient points here:
- no one is forcing you to behave like a bunch of retards and blob up on a logi anchor. Apparently you get 70km energy transfer range. Use it.
- your tackle frigs should be on to these things pretty early on. a 3 minute cooldown means one interrupted attack neutralises the ship for ages
- learn to fucking fly properly, independently. Yeah, your logi effiency will be lower but you're over-using the fucking shit anyway.

As said on the forum post, the ability to use this in small-gang combat as a defensivemeasure to get your gang of, eg, ceptors, AF's, T3D's, out of combat is maybe a bit shitty. Kitefag shit is already few selected for in the new meta and long-point Keres / Navy maulus arty Svipul or other kite gangs (even, say, Cerbs) can follow arond a CD and the CD can set off the bubble any time, jumping the gang 100km away. So, basically a long-range group teleport GTFO card that really is going to make this shit frustrating.

The good point is, of course, that the ability to fit command links is going to be amazing for frig hole use. EWAR Dessies have been suggested at least 11 billion time on R&D forum, so it's good to see small-gang links. The fact it is coming with T2 Logistics frigates is even better.

It's also worth noting that CD's will have great resists and OK DPS. So, you will see them used extensively in W-R's of all types where the low DPS becomes good DPS, they get fantastic resists, and you also get T2 logi frigs. Plus of course, you get to fit links; and with a properly set-up fleet structure you can have 2 links working from wing and squad.

Defensive Uses
Lets make no bones about it - a CD is going to be invaluable for defensive use in, say, POCO bashes, POS bashes, even in ratting in wormholes. You can basically evacuate your whole gang 100km inside 5 seconds using a CD. Got a pair of C4 RR Rattlers? Have a CD orbiting within 6km and the moment you see the Sabre on d-scan you Ala kachuu. Got a POS bash fleet and most of your guys are AFK? Worried about being ganked? Just ensure your CD is awake and he can Ala Kachuu.

It's also possible that a CD could defend against bomber wings. Ala Kachuu will cycle through well before bombs detonate, allowing a fleet to escape a bombing run. You could even, if you are ucky, Ala Kachuu the bombs.

I forsee these being used extensively in ratting. The ability to Ala Kachuu rats is going to be amazing. Dive in to a bunch of enemies, and teleport them 100km away from the other rats. In wormholes, especially W-R's, this is going to be awesome for basically mugging Sleeper BS.

Yes, gate campers are going to love porting their victims off gates. They will also be victim to CD's, who'll be able to hold down a fuckhead trying to deaggress and jump to highsec, and drag him 100km off gate for a murdering. This is going to be a huge arena of use for them, and will see some really, really cowardly risk-averse fucktards learn some humility.

I think the best use will be when someone lights a cyno and hot drops some guys, and they turn around and Ala Kachuu the hotdroppers. That's going to be amazing when it happens.

It is a bit of a shame you won't see these in highsec, breaking up docking games and gay shit like that. Apparently incursioners have to be protected from having to use d-scan, or running competent logi pilots. I think this is a real shame. But then again, we don't have DICtor bubbles in highsec, so...

Monday, 16 November 2015

Shutting Up Shop

So, I've decided to slap a board across the door of Sudden Buggery - at least for a fair while. Done it before, might have a crack at CEO'ing again.

For now, though, I lack the time or inclination to grindthrough rolling wormholes to find the odd relic hunter and, every few days, a small brawl or a gank. The member base has been mostly absent, which is fine because they have real lives, and some of those real lives are getting more real (babies, houses, new jobs, moving overseas, starting new studies). It's all been a convergence of circumstances with my own, to see attendance drop substantially and drastically in the last month. It happens and, lacking motivation on my part to recruit, it is what it is.

That said, we have had one attempt at a Viking Burial of the capitals. It was a gudfite.

We had 30 toons, skewed mostly to BC's and HACs, with a couple of Nestors (believe me when I say they were spendy), a Geddon and a Vindicator (what cost 2.5B), plus a very spendy blap Phoenix and a triage Archon.

Dropbears / INSRT had 28, with a solitary Bhaal, 2 unneeded HICs (we weren't going to run), 2 DICs 5 Guards and 2 ECMgu's (cursed fucking things, LOL) and the rest being more or less T3's.

BAERs mistook Wrong Hole for a 3rd party and tried intercepting them on the hole as our caps were in warp to a pounce off the Eye of Bob; they began clobbering Wrong Hole quite effectively as we did a handbrake turn and brought the caps and BS in to the fight about 2 minutes in.

It became a guard vs ECMgu tussle for a good 10-15 minutes, and the Phoenix failed to gain blapping traction due to lack of our booster signing in (I mean, it did kick off a bit early, but I did say turn up early) and lack of coordination of TP's and webs (La Loca swapped targets too fast). The fight was effectively a stalemate; we managed to clobber one Guardian, but couldn't break the 4 remaining due to the ECMgus keeping the Vindi and Vigilant jammed. Without webs, damage application vs AB T3's was fairly minimal.

Then our booster signed in and put T2 Infolinks on, and the TP's increased in effectiveness 60%. That one thing saw the Phoenix go from doing 7-10K a shot to one-shotting everything. Dropbears figured this out pretty quickly and withdrew before the Phoenix really got into it's stride.

I guess this answers that fucktard from Wormhole PVP Channel who says Citadel Cruise are useless:
Bhaalgorn final blow
Legion final blow
Legion final blow
Legion final blow

Realistically, we probably had too many logis and Nestors for them to do more than break our Lachs and BC's on account of us also having a triage Archon, and they had lower DPS than they could otherwise have had if they'd left the HICs behind. We also did need to resolve the TP supply and infolinks.

But there were other promises of fleets to arrive at that time (and I'd thrown siggy open to a dozen people) so it was supposed to be a lot messier.

Maybe next weekend. If the Phoenix does die, it'll be better than Wraith01 who SD'ed his in a fit of retardation a couple of weeks after building it, because no one was around to hold his fat, drnken senile old hands and provide him content. Fuck that, mate. Get off your own fat lazy arse and fucking work for it like almost everyone else, stop blaming everyone else for your own fucking incompetence!

Finally, the corp wallet was at about 7.4B ISK. With paying for our Nestor and Vindi prep and so on, we had 6.4 left. This was paid out to everyone with a pimped faction BS or cruiser, as a dividend for all the PVP loot that went in to the kitty.

Thursday, 12 November 2015


Well, as you may have gessed, life is throwing me a curve ball at the moment so the guys and I are looking for Mergers and/or Acqisitions in the wormhole sphere. We're open for anything, our butt-cheeks cracked open and our cinnamon donuts winking like a baleful Cyclops!

So, mail me in-game with your pitch and you could pick up a few bittervets.

Friday, 6 November 2015


I have been having computer issues. Not resolved yet, but I'm a reinstall EVE next week and deal without voice comms.