Sunday, 29 November 2015

Flights of the Shameboat III - Episode 2, The Quittening

I have been solo roaming wormholes in between ill-advised punishment of my liver over the weekend.

I've chosen a dualprop, dual rep Stratios backed up by a DPS Falcon (the Shameboat III). Part of my PVP loadout is of course, a T2 medium bubble, because you always want to catch people as they stumble back to POS.

I found just the right victim after a ten deep wormhole chain full of nothing but a relic hunting Astero (who offered me 50M to stay alive; I made 58M off his wreck). The chain dumped out in Huola, and there were two other wormholes.

I was sitting off one when it fired and a Vexor comes out, orbits around and warps to a medium complex, then dies to a Vexor. He comes back in a pod, jumps in the hole. A minute later, out he comes in a Coercer and starts mouthing off in Local.

Cage Man> Where all the FW buttbois at?

I had a bit of a look at the guy as he went and lost his Coercer to a Svipul, again. Ex-Pandemic Horde scrub, fairly young, had some quite, shall we say "interesting" Nestor fits. I decided to jump in and see where he was coming from, thinking it would be a nullsec connection.

Nope, he lived out of a POS. So I set up a 350km pounce off his POS and waited for the guy to lose his Coercer. I anchored a bubble, and while it was anchoring, I warped the Stratios off to the hisec to see what was taking him so long.

He spotted me on the hsec and I thought, fuck it, have a bit of a fight, jump to lowsec, he warps back home, Falcon catches him on the bubble, bingo bango. Nope, I managed to draw him off the hole and was clutch tanking him (bleeding hull badly) and decided to drop the Falcon.

The Shameboat III has only 2 ECM's, so instead of pointlessly jamming the Gila i jammed the guy's drones. Which is actually quite hilarious, because he lost all his DPS and they went into orbit patterns, which is nice and slow, and thus easy to kill. He also didn't realise.

So, finally I chew him down and the kvetching starts. According to Cage Man;

1) the game is broken.
2) He didn't mean to burn his HAMs out, they cycled two times after he stopped heating them (and my AAR didn't heat properly either, but who's complaining?)
3) He's over this gay game
4) He offered me all his stuff, and claimed he's quitting.

I nearly got his pod in the bubble as he warped back to POS, too.

Falcons: generating tears since 2000-jiggly-doo

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