Monday, 26 March 2018

How to roam Nullsec #3: Bring probes

Deamon Gr is a crazy Greek guy who just wants to kill things. his trademark saying on the coalition TS is "Kill kill kill kill kill kill!" whenever in warp to something. He pesters me for any intel on nullsec wormholes, so that he may go welp a ship in a clean clone.

"Trinkets! What happen? Where are the nullsec!" he asked last night.
"I have two via a Z971. it's a small hole, we can't bring much..."
"Kill kill kill kill kill kill!"
"Alrighty then...."

And so we went through the Z971 with his arty loki, my proby loki, and a Stiletto for tackle. First stop was DVMV in Detorid, wherein some ratting Gilas docked up. Then 2 jumps away in SVY it showed 16 in local. I should have clicked in that it was likely a mining fleet, but it was 10 at night, I've got the flu (yay for kids in child care!) and it was Gilas all the way down out in Ranger Regiment China enclave.

So we jump into SVY, I land in a Forsaken Hub just as a Gila warps out, then I check the ice belt to see 14+ Retrievers and a couple of Hulks and Covetors slide off grid. All except one poor shmuck hung up on a roid. So he dies.

We pop about 30 cargo containers full of ice, representing a sizeable chunk of 1-14 Chinese dude's time.

Then we note a Myrm at gate shooting rats. So we shoot him, and it turns out he's triple rep. He eventually goes down but Ranger Regiment has a defense fleet forming, so we fend off a couple of Sabres, and kite out away from a Caracal as 4 Gilas and a VNI or two land on gate. So we bail to safes as the Nullsec conga line of gate camps start.

1 cosmic signature in system, so i drop probes, and it's a shattered wormhole. Praise be to Bob, for He looks after his chosen ones. In we go, the plan being to chill for 20 and let the miners reassemble in belt and then drop on them again ("You know we die? We going to die.")

So I busy myself with finding the exits to the shattered wormhole, finding a K162 to Nullsec and a U210 to Domain lowsec. Praise be to Bob!

So we hop out the other nullsec, and it's Stain. Gila and tractor on scan, so I warp the Stiletto in to the Guristas detention facility beacon, and land on the Gila at zero. We dispatch him, with the Stilly in half armour.

Hoo boy.  That was a lot of Guristas sites up in smoke.

The good thing about Stain is the NPC stations to dock for reps. We rep heat damage, and go back out, chasing missioning Gilas around.

So we find our way back to Detorid, the mining fleet has done the classic Nullsec thing and signed off for the evening, it being too hard with actual risk on the field. So, back to home via the Z971, critting it on the pass through.

Without probes, we'd probably have got toasted in Detorid and missed out on a super dank Gila kill. Always roam with probes, and remember: "Kill kill kill kill kill kill!"

EVE-Hunt Replacement

In case you missed it, is kinda a replacement for

Not quite the same usefulness in tracking activity via time of day but better at broader and deeper character intel.

Monday, 19 March 2018


So, there's apparently a bot which watches local channel for you, and whenever someone new (or red, lets say) enters local, it emits a scream over your speakers. This allows you to alt-tab out of your filthy Russian anal porn and take non-bot related mouse actions to get your bot pre-aligned super or carrier or hulk back to the Citadel of Lameness safely.

There is also clearly a bot which listens for wormhole activations and gets your pre-aligned Hulk back to the Citadel of Cowardice. I've seen this one plenty, with Hulks just magically disappearing off d-scan in wormholes within one d-scan cycle of me entering system.

Now there's apparently exploration bots. What will they think of next?

So, yeah, CCP has a lot to do regarding botting in EVE.

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Katamari On The Swing

Yesterday we killed 3 rolling battleships, each with their own peculiar fitting.

There is not a standard rolling fit or a standard rolling ship, though there kind of used to be back when the Victorieux Luxury Yacht was still cloaky and nullified, and the same for the rolling T3's when cloak + nullification + higgs rig was still a thing.

Now, aside from C1's and C5's, it's basically the job of a trashy Alpha in a shit fit higgsed BS, or just a higgsed BS, maybe a Devoter if you can't maths.

But there are some innovations yet in this hotly contested phere of PYFA warrioring.

First up, it's the 100MN Sigil. For the price of only 5.5M ISK you can have a rolling Industrial which essentially does the job as fast as that 200M ISK BS hull.

[Sigil, Roller]

Reactor Control Unit II
Reactor Control Unit II
Reactor Control Unit II
Reactor Control Unit II
Reactor Control Unit II
[Empty Low slot]

100MN Y-S8 Compact Afterburner
[Empty Med slot]
[Empty Med slot]
[Empty Med slot]

[Empty High slot]
[Empty High slot]

Medium Higgs Anchor I
[Empty Rig slot]
[Empty Rig slot]

If you really want to be fancy or lame, fit a cloak and a probe to actually save 5M ISK if your maths are bad or the roll goes badly. But seriously, your shittiest third alt on your second account can have this and lose three in a day and you won't even notice!

We know that CCP is aware of the need to roll holes, and that people contort shit and try bizarre fits in order to achieve it. Hence the higgs rig, and the no nullification + higgs rig change, and they are now expressing concern, if that's the right word, over HICs and bubbles as a mechanism for adjusting mass.

Hopefully they won't go down the same route as the Monitor FC ship with this. Whilst there's no go-to rolling meta anymore, putting one back in does tend to make the game stale and boring. I remember the Yachting days with a burning feeling in my urethra because it wasn't about skill or a novel fit or anything. it was just fucking yachts rolling a hole with utter impunity in 5 minutes for the risk of 60M ISK + pods.

That said, a module that adjusts mass downward for BS, though not to the level needed to get into C1's, might be a quirky innovation to allow the bigger coalitions to blob more arty machs in to their next eviction.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Anatomy of a Wormhole Camp Breaking

We weren't hired to do it, but it got done nonetheless.

It started with a random Rattlesnake transiting a gate in Aralgrund while I was moving ships; with no warning and no pattern, and no one in tackle, it got through, but we traced it as far as Offikatlin, 2 jumps away.

Ten or twenty minutes later, a second Rattlesnake followed. Same corp. Same direction. So names were taken, research undertaken. Rogue meddlers, who were ex-Wingspan members striking out half on their own. Blobby, but if it's Wingspan, probably an easy enough push-over if you can play your cards right.

We became aware there was a wormhole in Offikatlin, with a Rogue Meddlers eyes alt in the lowsec keeping tabs on everything, so I scanned it down, and jumped in. On the inside, a Gila and a Garmur and two large T1 warp disruptors.

So, it was clear that these guys were bringing in heavy hitters to bust a Citadel. Problem was, there was only me and another guy online, and we didn't have the attention span or ships to bust a Gila, at least 2 Rattles, and judging by killboard history, a bunch of bombers.

So, with ships to move and logistics to complete, it went on the back burner for a few hours, and we got back to it when Deamon Gr signed in and wanted something to shoot.

"Well, there's a camped wormhole in Offikatlin."
"OK, I grab my Mach. Lets go, FC."

So out of the Stratioses and into a Mega and a Rook. mega because I had it lying about for years, and Rook because I needed to get into the hole without any warning and the Rook didn't show up on D-Scan. The eyes in local would see the 3 toons and then, suddenly there's a Rook on the hole and it jumps in, and something gets pointed and then it's a Mega and a Mach and it goes south from there.

So that's what happened, except it's not a Gila and a Garmur, it's 2 Gilas, a Garmur, a Taranis and a Rattlesnake. Good thing I brought a tanky Rook, and tanked the lot of them for the time it took to warp two BS's to the hole and jump in.

Then the shoosting began in earnest, with us clobbering the Rogue Meddlers camp in short order, even though the initial hole presence swelled with 3 stealth bombers and 2 Ravens that warped in at range. The Mega lost 500m from safety after I burned it off to get point on a Raven that MJD'd off anyway. And I didn't load Null early enough, which reduced the DPS I could push out at the Raven and Rattles.

I guess we could have stuck around to save the citadel or finish it off, but it wasn't our fight and we had bigger fish to catch. But either way, the element of surprise, the correct ships, and bloody-minded aggression is what matters. That and a good dose of YOLO.

Friday, 2 March 2018

Citadel hacking? Me likey!

Sometimes the changes you think are the smallest at first end up being some of the best and greatest, and hacking citadels to reveal the timer is certainly one of them.

This is a great addition to the game because it addresses the content-killing nature of the Citadels where you literally had no idea whether a citadel was vulnerable, unlike a POS which was always vulnerable if you had enough ships or the right fits.

The addition of Low Power Mode is also good, because it punishes the AFK landlord who has a structure that requires no fuel and previously was basically indestructible unless someone spent literally a week dicking about trying to find the timer. No one gonna do that.

The age of the Astrahus being a perfect solution for 3 man alt corps in low class wormholes (cheap, free to run, invulnerable 95% of the time) is gone. It's going to cost you because you have to keep it fuelled. You have to be on for the vulnerability timer, because some rando in a magnate can spend 3 minutes to ping your Astrahus for it's timer, and if it's vulnerable and low power, a couple of Talos later, loot pinata.

Me likey.