Monday, 26 March 2018

How to roam Nullsec #3: Bring probes

Deamon Gr is a crazy Greek guy who just wants to kill things. his trademark saying on the coalition TS is "Kill kill kill kill kill kill!" whenever in warp to something. He pesters me for any intel on nullsec wormholes, so that he may go welp a ship in a clean clone.

"Trinkets! What happen? Where are the nullsec!" he asked last night.
"I have two via a Z971. it's a small hole, we can't bring much..."
"Kill kill kill kill kill kill!"
"Alrighty then...."

And so we went through the Z971 with his arty loki, my proby loki, and a Stiletto for tackle. First stop was DVMV in Detorid, wherein some ratting Gilas docked up. Then 2 jumps away in SVY it showed 16 in local. I should have clicked in that it was likely a mining fleet, but it was 10 at night, I've got the flu (yay for kids in child care!) and it was Gilas all the way down out in Ranger Regiment China enclave.

So we jump into SVY, I land in a Forsaken Hub just as a Gila warps out, then I check the ice belt to see 14+ Retrievers and a couple of Hulks and Covetors slide off grid. All except one poor shmuck hung up on a roid. So he dies.

We pop about 30 cargo containers full of ice, representing a sizeable chunk of 1-14 Chinese dude's time.

Then we note a Myrm at gate shooting rats. So we shoot him, and it turns out he's triple rep. He eventually goes down but Ranger Regiment has a defense fleet forming, so we fend off a couple of Sabres, and kite out away from a Caracal as 4 Gilas and a VNI or two land on gate. So we bail to safes as the Nullsec conga line of gate camps start.

1 cosmic signature in system, so i drop probes, and it's a shattered wormhole. Praise be to Bob, for He looks after his chosen ones. In we go, the plan being to chill for 20 and let the miners reassemble in belt and then drop on them again ("You know we die? We going to die.")

So I busy myself with finding the exits to the shattered wormhole, finding a K162 to Nullsec and a U210 to Domain lowsec. Praise be to Bob!

So we hop out the other nullsec, and it's Stain. Gila and tractor on scan, so I warp the Stiletto in to the Guristas detention facility beacon, and land on the Gila at zero. We dispatch him, with the Stilly in half armour.

Hoo boy.  That was a lot of Guristas sites up in smoke.

The good thing about Stain is the NPC stations to dock for reps. We rep heat damage, and go back out, chasing missioning Gilas around.

So we find our way back to Detorid, the mining fleet has done the classic Nullsec thing and signed off for the evening, it being too hard with actual risk on the field. So, back to home via the Z971, critting it on the pass through.

Without probes, we'd probably have got toasted in Detorid and missed out on a super dank Gila kill. Always roam with probes, and remember: "Kill kill kill kill kill kill!"

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