Wednesday, 22 March 2017

tempus exit a sinistris

I have considered bequeathing my cash to someone to ruin their game (32B) and just keeping my assets. After the last quitting I did where I gave away 15B and 12B++ in assets and accumulated all this shit, well, it's not really a huge problem to get rich in game.

But no.

It's been a good time the last couple of years. I had a lot of fun with the last reincarnation of Sudden Buggery / Prolapse. and had a lot of fun in lowsec. Plus, considering it was lowsec, I did OK for kills in wormholes when you think about it.

So rather than just table flip and quit with a pile of gold and treasure, I'd at least like to give something back to the nerds in terms of content.

I am most likely (like, definitely) going to just buy a super and drop it on something and get it gloriously blown up. But that'll have to await the child (still not here....due date is 2 days) and a bit of adjustment time, and then I will have to get a spare weekend, and make it US TZ to ensure people can attend my funeral.

The last time was a Phoenix burial. it was OK, we had fun, got rolled by LZHX as you do. But this time, I've got a plan to ensure I don't get dogpiled instantly by 50 dreads and blow up.

So, you're welcome to mail me in game to keep up to date with the date/time selection. It'll be a month or so from now, so don't get overly excited right now. I'll give a week's warning, and 24 hours before a destination.

That is all.