Friday, 2 March 2018

Citadel hacking? Me likey!

Sometimes the changes you think are the smallest at first end up being some of the best and greatest, and hacking citadels to reveal the timer is certainly one of them.

This is a great addition to the game because it addresses the content-killing nature of the Citadels where you literally had no idea whether a citadel was vulnerable, unlike a POS which was always vulnerable if you had enough ships or the right fits.

The addition of Low Power Mode is also good, because it punishes the AFK landlord who has a structure that requires no fuel and previously was basically indestructible unless someone spent literally a week dicking about trying to find the timer. No one gonna do that.

The age of the Astrahus being a perfect solution for 3 man alt corps in low class wormholes (cheap, free to run, invulnerable 95% of the time) is gone. It's going to cost you because you have to keep it fuelled. You have to be on for the vulnerability timer, because some rando in a magnate can spend 3 minutes to ping your Astrahus for it's timer, and if it's vulnerable and low power, a couple of Talos later, loot pinata.

Me likey.

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