Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Ala Kachuu!

Ala Kachuu is the Kazakh tradition of bride kidnap; you basically abduct your bride and force her to marry you. Also rape, no doubt, and sexual slavery. It still goes on to this day, but there's cultural homage paid with rituals like carrying your bride out of the ceremony and whatnot.

now, Ala Kachuu is coming to EVE Online with a line of Command Destroyers which use an offensive area of effect teleportation device to take any mobile, not-scrammed ship, drone, munition, rat or object 100km away.

 Command Destroyers are coming, and they will be a whole new meta all by themselves. You can read my initial feedback here.

They will be fucking cool, and chaotically complex like no other ship in existence. It will be like innumerable horror films where creatures come and steal victims away one by one. Basically, they'll be Pole Cats. You know Pole Cats - you fucking watched mad Max: Fury Road like a real human, didn't you?

The thing about the new Command Destroyers is that it's actually a good mechanic with trade-offs and intricacies, let alone requiring great timing and coordination.

Yes, it is powerful to be able to barrel into a bunch of BS or a lone ship, or a bunch of logistics and snap them off from the group. You can move drones, too, which will see even a failed assault on a domi ball have consequences (good or bad) as the Domi's drones are now 100km away from the mothership.

However, the dynamic is about scrams - if the CD or its target are scrammed, the Ala Kachuu doesn't work. While it's unlikely that BS who are cold dropped on by CDs will have them locked in time to prevent a teleport at 5 seconds, if it's a longer battle then this is likely...and you will definitely be targeting these in slower armour groups or gangs with logis.

There's also the issue of the target defensively MJD'ing. Sure, at 9s cycle time you can't necessarily avoid the Ala Kachuu but you can possible MJD a few seconds after being teleported, because you will not have been scrammed in order to be teleported. So your enemies will need to keep a scram floating free and get lucky server ticks to hold you down.

Yes, these ships are going to be a bane of slow BS fleets. However, they are hard countered by the proposed uber-HICs with 21-37.5km infinipoints. Or by competent defensive tackle(rs).

There has been a lot of huffing about logis being Ala Kachuu 100km off their fleets to break logistics. Well, realistically, sometimes you really do need something to break the risk-averse NDORD / WH0RE type faggotry where people blob a 50% logi comp on top of you. Sure, there's a risk to a logi blob of being Ala Kachuu out of a fight by a CD, but there's a few salient points here:
- no one is forcing you to behave like a bunch of retards and blob up on a logi anchor. Apparently you get 70km energy transfer range. Use it.
- your tackle frigs should be on to these things pretty early on. a 3 minute cooldown means one interrupted attack neutralises the ship for ages
- learn to fucking fly properly, independently. Yeah, your logi effiency will be lower but you're over-using the fucking shit anyway.

As said on the forum post, the ability to use this in small-gang combat as a defensivemeasure to get your gang of, eg, ceptors, AF's, T3D's, out of combat is maybe a bit shitty. Kitefag shit is already few selected for in the new meta and long-point Keres / Navy maulus arty Svipul or other kite gangs (even, say, Cerbs) can follow arond a CD and the CD can set off the bubble any time, jumping the gang 100km away. So, basically a long-range group teleport GTFO card that really is going to make this shit frustrating.

The good point is, of course, that the ability to fit command links is going to be amazing for frig hole use. EWAR Dessies have been suggested at least 11 billion time on R&D forum, so it's good to see small-gang links. The fact it is coming with T2 Logistics frigates is even better.

It's also worth noting that CD's will have great resists and OK DPS. So, you will see them used extensively in W-R's of all types where the low DPS becomes good DPS, they get fantastic resists, and you also get T2 logi frigs. Plus of course, you get to fit links; and with a properly set-up fleet structure you can have 2 links working from wing and squad.

Defensive Uses
Lets make no bones about it - a CD is going to be invaluable for defensive use in, say, POCO bashes, POS bashes, even in ratting in wormholes. You can basically evacuate your whole gang 100km inside 5 seconds using a CD. Got a pair of C4 RR Rattlers? Have a CD orbiting within 6km and the moment you see the Sabre on d-scan you Ala kachuu. Got a POS bash fleet and most of your guys are AFK? Worried about being ganked? Just ensure your CD is awake and he can Ala Kachuu.

It's also possible that a CD could defend against bomber wings. Ala Kachuu will cycle through well before bombs detonate, allowing a fleet to escape a bombing run. You could even, if you are ucky, Ala Kachuu the bombs.

I forsee these being used extensively in ratting. The ability to Ala Kachuu rats is going to be amazing. Dive in to a bunch of enemies, and teleport them 100km away from the other rats. In wormholes, especially W-R's, this is going to be awesome for basically mugging Sleeper BS.

Yes, gate campers are going to love porting their victims off gates. They will also be victim to CD's, who'll be able to hold down a fuckhead trying to deaggress and jump to highsec, and drag him 100km off gate for a murdering. This is going to be a huge arena of use for them, and will see some really, really cowardly risk-averse fucktards learn some humility.

I think the best use will be when someone lights a cyno and hot drops some guys, and they turn around and Ala Kachuu the hotdroppers. That's going to be amazing when it happens.

It is a bit of a shame you won't see these in highsec, breaking up docking games and gay shit like that. Apparently incursioners have to be protected from having to use d-scan, or running competent logi pilots. I think this is a real shame. But then again, we don't have DICtor bubbles in highsec, so...

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