Thursday, 26 November 2015

Neut Falloff vs RR Falloff: more of the same

The upcoming Remote Repair Falloff changes are out for discussion, as are the Neut and Nos Rebalance data.

The falloff curves are the key here. The RR of Guardians is still 100% effective to 60km, which is where they sit right at the moment anyway. Sure, at 70km you begin to suffer a bit more falloff with only 60% effectiveness, but this is a moot point because you're cap stable, still.

Typically, Guardians have so much extra capacitor it's kind of ridiculous: +148/s and a demand of -68.9/s AB fit. That's 80 cap/s spare in a 2 x 4 configuration. Or about 50%.

The way the neut optimal and falloff is going to work is that, yes, you will (with a Geddon) be neuting to 30km optimal + 10km falloff. This means that at 60km you do 12% of your effective neuting. Which means, basically, you won't be able to dent the cap pool of a Guardian even if the reps are more sucky on a slower cycle time. It will be irrelevant, because your effective -25/s won't change the equation. It will be +148/s and -95/s.

The Guardian has a larger cap pool, albeit a slightly slower recharge. That's not going to matter because your cap pool is now so large you can sit through a neuting episode quite comfortably.

There's also going to be a possibility to change the fits, with Memory Cell II's and CPR fits now a viable alternative, with a 5 x 1 fit quite workable for a Guardian. You can rep for 6 minutes with no inbound cap and 3 out. Six minutes.

There isn't really much to say that the current armour T3 meta will change much. Slower but punchier reps will, maybe, advantage aggro swapping but not if you can run a 5 x 1 fit. That's 384 raw hitpoints a second per guardian, so a minimum of 768hp/s at 60km. If your T3 has 80% resists, that's a 3840 DPS tank. With a low enough sig, your wake-limited linked-up Armour T3 can easily tank 7-10 of its compatriots.

With 4 Guardians, you can achieve that at close to 80km in falloff.

So, no, nothing much is changing in the meta with all this. not until remote capacitor transmitters get a massive kick to the nuts, or the Guardian actually gets balanced. You know what fucking balance is? It's having a gooddamn devil's choice to make between 4 x 2 repping non-stable and 3 x 2 repping (1 off) stable. 5 x 1's or 3 x 0 (2 +1 off) for 6 minutes isn't balanced toward reducing logi blobs.

The shield RR's, however, are significantly different. This will really impact the popularity of Scimitar vs Basilisk, especially with the new Command Destroyers and people'shabits of blobbing up. CD's will be less useful at snatching a gang away from a Scimi, because it'll have reps out to 115km. That said, the new cycle time bloat of Shield RR really means that rail  and beam lasers are going to be the counter to shield kitfag meta.

We will see; it's such a huge and broad set of changes to modules, module behaviour, ship stats and indeed capacitor amounts and fittings which flow on from that, that it's probably actually too early to say.

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