Monday, 16 November 2015

Shutting Up Shop

So, I've decided to slap a board across the door of Sudden Buggery - at least for a fair while. Done it before, might have a crack at CEO'ing again.

For now, though, I lack the time or inclination to grindthrough rolling wormholes to find the odd relic hunter and, every few days, a small brawl or a gank. The member base has been mostly absent, which is fine because they have real lives, and some of those real lives are getting more real (babies, houses, new jobs, moving overseas, starting new studies). It's all been a convergence of circumstances with my own, to see attendance drop substantially and drastically in the last month. It happens and, lacking motivation on my part to recruit, it is what it is.

That said, we have had one attempt at a Viking Burial of the capitals. It was a gudfite.

We had 30 toons, skewed mostly to BC's and HACs, with a couple of Nestors (believe me when I say they were spendy), a Geddon and a Vindicator (what cost 2.5B), plus a very spendy blap Phoenix and a triage Archon.

Dropbears / INSRT had 28, with a solitary Bhaal, 2 unneeded HICs (we weren't going to run), 2 DICs 5 Guards and 2 ECMgu's (cursed fucking things, LOL) and the rest being more or less T3's.

BAERs mistook Wrong Hole for a 3rd party and tried intercepting them on the hole as our caps were in warp to a pounce off the Eye of Bob; they began clobbering Wrong Hole quite effectively as we did a handbrake turn and brought the caps and BS in to the fight about 2 minutes in.

It became a guard vs ECMgu tussle for a good 10-15 minutes, and the Phoenix failed to gain blapping traction due to lack of our booster signing in (I mean, it did kick off a bit early, but I did say turn up early) and lack of coordination of TP's and webs (La Loca swapped targets too fast). The fight was effectively a stalemate; we managed to clobber one Guardian, but couldn't break the 4 remaining due to the ECMgus keeping the Vindi and Vigilant jammed. Without webs, damage application vs AB T3's was fairly minimal.

Then our booster signed in and put T2 Infolinks on, and the TP's increased in effectiveness 60%. That one thing saw the Phoenix go from doing 7-10K a shot to one-shotting everything. Dropbears figured this out pretty quickly and withdrew before the Phoenix really got into it's stride.

I guess this answers that fucktard from Wormhole PVP Channel who says Citadel Cruise are useless:
Bhaalgorn final blow
Legion final blow
Legion final blow
Legion final blow

Realistically, we probably had too many logis and Nestors for them to do more than break our Lachs and BC's on account of us also having a triage Archon, and they had lower DPS than they could otherwise have had if they'd left the HICs behind. We also did need to resolve the TP supply and infolinks.

But there were other promises of fleets to arrive at that time (and I'd thrown siggy open to a dozen people) so it was supposed to be a lot messier.

Maybe next weekend. If the Phoenix does die, it'll be better than Wraith01 who SD'ed his in a fit of retardation a couple of weeks after building it, because no one was around to hold his fat, drnken senile old hands and provide him content. Fuck that, mate. Get off your own fat lazy arse and fucking work for it like almost everyone else, stop blaming everyone else for your own fucking incompetence!

Finally, the corp wallet was at about 7.4B ISK. With paying for our Nestor and Vindi prep and so on, we had 6.4 left. This was paid out to everyone with a pimped faction BS or cruiser, as a dividend for all the PVP loot that went in to the kitty.


  1. So what's next in the pipeline?

    1. Well, farming the C4...Viking Burial #2 this coming weekend...then looking like a week of fixing my scattered loot piles (i finally got a Bowhead)...and join up with Dropbears

  2. Sorry to hear that. Will you still be playing solo and continue to blog?

    1. I'll blog if anything interesting happens. Probably join another corp, let someone else do the CEOing.


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