Saturday, 11 October 2014

Nishin Maru Employee Of The Month

Decorations. In EVE, corporations can award medals for reasons. What those reasons are, and how the citation is written and for what it is awarded is of course up to the infinitude of human thought and ingenuity. In Sudden Buggery, we choose to award not only incredible badassery via awarding the Order of Podomy, but more often than not we award the morederpish of achievements perpetrated by our members. I invite you to search for and chuckle over the citations gathered by members current and former.

Currently, one of the the most awarded citations is the Nishin Maru Employee of The Month, which is awarded to those who scientifically cull Orcas for their whale blubber. Today Darth Bex and Miskoranda achieved this illustrious award by sailing into the oen ocean and laying about with their harpoons like a pair of rum-sodden Captain Ahabs re-enacting the shower scene from Psycho.

 The odd thing was that the Skiff, though clearly an alt, warped himself back in. Initially it seemed to be a kind of table flip manoeuvre, perhaps the guy was raging and said "fuck it, kill me!". Then the bomber decloaked, a bit of cavalry which came far, far too late.

I began probing the exit, and then we noticed a Procurer, Hurricane and Vexor on scan. So back we went to the belt and culled Procurer and Cane. I fucked up on the orbit on the Vexor and it escaped back to highsec. I also fucked up by running out of ammo, leaving a single shot to put into the guts of the Procurer when it was in hull. Oops.

A deserved award for Nishin Maru Employee Of The Month.

Later, we murdered a Tengu, 2009 style. The key here was to lightly neut him while the Geddon vaped his tractor, preventing it from dickthieving the wreck.

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