Tuesday, 14 October 2014


Every so often you encounter a small POS wth no guns. Often these are the temporary pup tent camping spots of itinerant nomadic farmers; somewhere to safely AFK or somewhere to refit. You only need a DST or an Orca at most, and it can fit a small stick, a few weeks of fuel, and perhaps the odd bit of infrastructure. You can fit a few guns and a dissy into an Orca for this kind of adventure, but often it's not neccessary because it won't deter a serious attack anyway. In the least, this is somewhere to cool your heels without needing a cloak.

Often better things to do prevent you from testing these defenceless and temporary little sticks for stront; every so often the theory goes, someone will fuck up and not put in stront. Mostly, we aren't that bored.

However, last night we had been watching the owner of one of these things go about his very nubbish business in our static C2 and he had stored up his Orca and logged off. So, with nothing better to do an hour before downtime, we set about testing it for stront.

It had none, so we blapped the POS (sentry Astero ftw) and farmed the structures. Not noted is the compression, equipment, intensive refining array and ammo assembly array which we scooped, but alas the Orca didn't drop from the SMA.

Best of all, old mate signed in at the POS with 10% structure remaining on it, and sat in his pod. Final blow was the Sentrytero with a Garde II, which was most hilarious.

We rolled the N766 and hopped in to the next system, and on scan was a Nemesis, Viator, some shuttles, 6 enormous freight containers and another compression array. So we scooped these, and left.

Weird shit.

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