Thursday, 23 October 2014

Groundhog Day

I logged Miskoranda out in the C4 after blapping the tower. The killmail shows 2.9M damage because the shooting dragged on past downtime. So, off to bed I went wondering what the response of Eaters of Planets EVE would be?

Would they online all the other blocking towers? Would they put guns up? Would they be online?

No, they'll jimmy up another small Amarr tower in exactly the same spot as the dead one, and I'd get another chance to blow it up, unopposed.

So, it has begun again, AFK dozering the blocking tower out of the way for the second day in a row.

I've let as many people know to keep an eye out for J111009; hopefully a can with a probe launcher will arrive, or someone will hop into Beggars Bowl channel that has found their way in, and I'll get a way out. Or indeed a way in.

Because I am now interested in how many of these towers I can topple before they kill me or someone else kills me. I'm estimating...4.


  1. Catchy title. I take it there will be six months more winter? They're russians though. They can probably handle it.

  2. My bet is that they will get you while you are chewing on the third tower.

    That is if they are not complete fuckwits.

  3. Hi I understand you can not get out? if so, why did not you ask about traffic jams and nachyal snasit small Starbases. because I started to kill you with bombs. Now send me a letter in the game when I'll throw off Chiba Core Scanner Probe

  4. I was in contact with this WH corp two years ago.
    When you kill first POS, I have searched info about you on the Web and found this blog post.
    As result, we has known your plans.

    Also, as mentioned earlier, you can ask in local chat about exit. But you decide to attack.

    Be careful with blog posting. :)


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