Tuesday, 21 October 2014


I done fucked up. I packed everything into my collapsing Geddon except the actual probe launcher. I've got the probes, got the depot. But no launcher.

The good thing about this, if there is in fact a Good Thing, is that the residents are Russians and have jimmied up small placeholder towers on all the moons. So, in a Geddon with Curator IIs, I have begun AFK bashing said POS sticks and, within a few hours, will have some solo POS kills.

The Geddon is already dead to me, unless someone rolls in and is feeling generous (hint: at least find me a probe launcher!), or I manage to find my way back in eventually. So, worst case scenario the local sign on and gank me. Or randoms gank me. Or i farm a half dozen dead sticks in the next few days and SD.

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