Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Prolapse. [TBGRL]

So, i started an Alliance, more as something to achieve than any great plans to dominate EVE or be super-elite. I went with the theme of all wormhole alliances, being a play upon words relating to holes. Loosely, one may say.

I'm not exactly sure, but I think if we have 100 members and have been around as an alliance for 12 months I can make an Alliance logo, which I'm thinking is either a rainbow fountain, a bathtub, or a pink sock.

You know, because of reasons.

Prolapse. will also allow me to spread the good word of Bob via anchoring TCU's via my alt corp, Unknown Monument Archaeology Division throughout wormhole space, in odd locations and inconvenient spots. Often this will be achieved as a mechanism for gathering corpses and pew pew, for the TCU will show up like a beacon on Overview after it's anchored. This, when deployed in front of people who you want to fight, may draw them in to a trap.

We shall see.

What is certain is that Prolapse. will turn holes inside out looking for PVP.

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