Wednesday, 8 October 2014

A Lame Gambit

Just in case anyone didn't notice, there is a "competition" on whereby you donate your cruiser and frigate blue poo to one of the four Empires for research purposes. Ignoring the fact that there's been metric fuckbuckets full of blue poo bought by the four Empires already for the past 5 years, these smartasses are now, in a total lack of coincidence, deciding to have some naff arms race within weeks of Fozzie faceraping wormholes close to extinction via some asphyxia porn related shit.

So what the deal is, is that four of the game's biggest fancy-pants rich cunts, or biggest carebears, or this idiot from SSC and all the idiots who sell their poo to him at list price and don't sell it to the other idiots in k-space, will all gain a unique monogrammed piece of space barbie clothing. I call it the monogrammed space mankini.

The faction with the greatest amount of donated blue poo is the first to get access to some new tech.

Speculation runs wild, of course, with tinfoil hatters claiming it's a T3 frigate. Others speculate it's a T3 module, or a new type of subsystem, or a T3 module, or a jump drive for T3's or fuck knows what.

Then there's the whole question - is this a way of removing blue poo as an isk fountain? Currently NPC stations buy blue poo from capsuleers for set prices. Some speculate this whole exercise is an effort to deplete the stocks of blue poo sitting idle in people's hangars. One chap, who shall remain unnamed, said that some people have stocks of it because it is like a gold standard in EVE. I can make a whole blog poast about how that idea is fucking stupid, but there you have it; a tawdry attempt by CCP to remove stocks of blue poo ahead of turning the blue poo into a component in manufacture, or a desperate attempt to breathe more life into low-class wormholes to encourage people to enter a zone of space they all left far, far behind when Fozzie pulled the cling wrap of sexiness a bit too tight around the mouth and nose?

Who the fuck cares! You can sell your blue loot to fucktards and egomaniacs for 300% list price!

See what happens is this. Some fucking brainwipe decides that having a space mankini with his name on it in rhinestone rivets is worth it, so he goes around buying up blue poo at 300% the price he can sell it. That ISK transfers to you, my avid blog reader, and you spend it on decent, wholesome things like gank catalysts and fuel to evac nullsec ahead of Fozzie's attempt to cling-rape it. The idiot, having spent metric billions on buying everyone else's blue poo, then donates it for zero ISK to CCP, and the poo disappears.

He is competing with hundreds of other dickbrained troglodytes who do the same thing. The four biggest idiots get a few lines of code in a server in the UK, and are down billions of ISK. CCP removes tens, maybe a hundred billion ISK from the market, and considering the activities of people who do go into C1/C2 space to farm this shit would otherwise have made ISK off rats humping L4's and C2 space is an exercise in self-flagellation , this also diminishes the ISK supply even further.

This is frankly a troll upon wormholes. Everyone who participates in this except by selling to the idiots is actually wasting their time in-game and losing out. Bravo CCP for actually making wormholes less profitable for anyone involved in your dickbrained competition.

It will be totally uninteresting to see what craptacular module we get. I bet it is a goddamned microjump drive subsystem to let your nullified Tengu escape bubble traps and make the game even more fucked.


  1. Nullified already ignores bubbles.
    Why complain, let others do with blue loot as they please, you can sell to the highest payer and will get more isk for you loot right now.

    Who cares what faction releases their technology first. I can use it anyway. Unless it requires a new skill and hten I have to inject/train anyway.

    This event is mainly for roleplayers or those interested in lore/backstory

  2. I totally didn't realise anything of those things you said until just now.


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