Sunday, 26 October 2014

The Boondocks

I have a job to do at the far edges of the k--space map. It involves a murder, some capitals, and a Panther.

In real life, one thing I learned as a geologist, managing drilling programs with budgets of $13M per annum, is that scheduling and logistics are as important as having a plan (or in the case of mineral exploration, a target to test). I became pretty good at project management, scheduling, and organising. I also have a knack for finding unconventional ways of getting the drill down to target.

In EVE, for the current project (which I won't get into details on, sekrit skwerls), because it can only really kick off after Phoebe drops, the incoming jump changes and mobility nerf for capitalss and BLOPS fleets puts a bit of a barrier in front of my scheme.

Our target(s) live at the literal edge of the EVE maap and we all live in a C4. Its not really a big problem getting out of the C4 on any given day, it just requires a clean clone and 2 minutes. We even suicide pod ourselves at the Alter of Bob anchored within the sun in our wormhole. That way our corpses become sacrifices to Bob, and we scream the prayer as the suicide timer ticks down to zero.

Getting from lowsec to the target system, Dotlan says, requires 5 BLOPs bridges. Or 45 k-space jumps. Or maybe a combination of the two. Or maybe a wormhole.

Doing it all via BLOPs will be, post-Phoebe, just as time consuming (on average) as taking gates. It will however, maintain the intel blackout for the enemy more effectively than banging through 45 jumps. It won't be very good to get all the way out there and suffer jump fatigue on the vinegar stroke. It also requires 5 alts to be in position with Cyno 5 and appropriate ships, which is a nightmare to organise.

Doing it all via gates is possible. Hoofing 45 jumps through nullsec in a T3 / Bomber / BLOPs fleet isn't impossible given the location, the people who live there, and the fuel, fatigue and other impediments to portal and jump movement. The problem begins in the last 5 jumps before the target, wwhich are all bubbled to hell and back. You may be getting an idea of what this project entails, by now.

Nullified T3's, ceptors and MWD-fit bombers are the go, for getting through bubbles.

But most importantly, and my preference, would be to find a N943 to lowsec, somewhere, and just carve 40 nullsec jumps off the whole thing. The problem of course being that wormholes aren't reliable conduits, despite being perfect for clandestine movement between k-space regions.

i have even considered finding a K346 hole and locking the fleet inside and ragerolling it into the general vicinity of the target. In a way this may be just as effective.

The problem with all this? I really want to bring a Nag. This is because when Phoebe drops, a key element of carebear defence of their -1.0 upgraded bear dens will be essentially neutralised because caps will be able to take gate. Having a cyno jammer in system will stop a hotdrop, but not stop someone who cynoes into the system nextdoor and jumps gate like a scrub.

So, this is my challenge. Mathematically work out a route for a nullified T3 fleet to get 45 jumps into deep backwoods Carebearistan, with or without a BLOPs component to the travel, and somehow get a murder of nags into position in case of success.

The tradeoff studies commence.


  1. I would also consider the possibility of your targets packing up and moving away just before Phoebe. Especially if they are part of renter alliance.

    1. Hm, that is a fair point.

      Except for the supercap which they put on to cook.


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