Monday, 27 July 2015

M22 and Packrat Tractor

An ex-alliance mate of mine, from one of the Alliances that Sudden Buggery used to be in before it assploded, contacted me a few days ago. He has a Cunning Plan(tm) to empty C5 Magnetars of krabs by seeding all 50 of them with alt toons and monitoring them for krab infestations. His plan involves batphoning people in all timezones to come and dunk the krabs, generating content, killmails and hopefully Q.Q on the forums.

he contacted me the other day 3 hours before downtime, advising he had a bunch of Russian crustaceans scuttling about their undersea kingdom, clacking pincers and suchlike. he would attempt to get a way in for us, he said, by ninja-probing the E175 C4 static and squirreling a way to k-space. None of this happened, of course, or you would see some Russian cap kills on zkillboard. However, in the attempt to generate an entrance, he rolled into a C4 and noted a Vargur on d-scan. he pasted the d-scan result in chat and we both Q.Q over the fact there's so many bears going un-ganked.

M22 - Vargur 
Tractor - 'Packrat' Mobile tractor unit

Eventually we gave up on establishing a way in, and put it off.

Meanwhile in another wormhole, Boundless Exploration was probing their way out of their C3 and went through a C4 into a second C4 Wolf Rayet system and mentioned having a Vargur and mobile tractor unit on scan, could you guys come over and help gank it?

So I asked if the Vargur was named M22, and whether it was a Packrat tractor?

"How did you know?"

The TF Effect. 

Remember...someone I know is watching you rat.

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