Wednesday, 15 July 2015

POD Party

The humble Prospect, with it's covert cloak, decent tank, MWD and utility high for probes, is the perfect gassing ship. You can align out and stab the MWD and burn away from nearly anything that decloaks on you. You can avoid detection, staying cloaked for hours if need be, and slide through bubbles to a wormhole exit, no wuckers.

They are hard to kill, but not in a Bruce Willis way. I've got a few now and then, but not many.

Except today when I came in to a C13 Shattered hole, and saw 8 on scan. Never one to not try probing them out even though the chances of sliding core probes past 8 guys was infinitesmally small, I dropped a set of cores off d-scan, found the anomaly they were closest to and dumped probes. Relic site. Whaaa....? I pulled probes and looked again, then thought, what if they are at an ore site?

Sure enough, there they were - 8 Low Class Prospects clustered around a hunk of Prime Arkonor, mining away. 0 m/s. All within 2km of the rock, and hence unable to cloak.

So we dropped dictors and dessies on them and sent them home in an orgy of podding. A billion ISK of pods and ships.

The weird thing, unlike most C13's, this one was stacked with combat anomalies. You could be making 200M ISk an hour with rail Hecates (and be a lot harder to safely murder) but instead you're sucking Prime Arkonor. Not what I would have been doing.

I can only assume it was to generate a stockpile of the material enough to, lets say, produce 100 blocks of compressed Prime Arkonor. You then go to Amarr, throw it on the market to sell, in 3 to 6 individual sell orders, for 50 times what it's actually worth and run a margin trading scam "buying" it in larger quantities for 500 times what it's worth, thereby turning 8 toons worth of rock sucking into several billion ISK of profit. I mean, I am only assuming that's what was going on, because all other possibilities result in serious brain damage. I await confirmation.

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