Tuesday, 7 July 2015

CREST API Sov Timers

How fucking retarded is CCP?

They're putting sov timers on the API, so you can check via an out of game API scalping widget where in Nullsec there is a sov timer. So, if there's a problem with wormhole crawlspaces now, imagine teaming a sov timer API scalper with EVE Scout's Thera tracker, or Siggy's Exit Finder applicability. You'll have a widget which can tell you the shortest route, k-space or otherwise, to go to any and every sov timer you care to attend, to kill anyone who may care to attend.

Seriously, these people are absolutely fucking incredible.


  1. Isn't that content creation? It could go for or against the attacker AND/OR for or against the defender at the same time! Guaranteed fights!

    1. That's an interesting idea - guaranteed fights, woo woo, ring the fun alarm, derpcon 5!


      The problem that CCP identified with nullsec power projection was that it was too easy for the large organisations to project force across the whole of space with no consequences. You'd see supercap fleets move halfway across the map in five minutes to attend anything which looked tasty - a tackled super, for instance. Woo woo guaranteed fights, so fun!

      No strategy, no tactics, nothing except whoever has the most titans and supers wins the game.

      CCP put in jump fatigue AKA Space AIDS in Phoebe to cause strategic decisions to be made on a localised scale as to where you base your supercaps, let alone cap fleets.

      Fozziesov is another iteration of this, where EHP goes away in favour of capture buttons. Capture buttons will be coming for Citadels and everything. This removes EHP walls and replaces them with attention mechanics - orbiting ten buttons and running Entosis links instead of F1 AFK dread blobs and slowcats.

      So, let's assume you have a small alliance. You might be looking at Fozziesov now and saying "Geez, we might have a shot at carving out a niche!"

      Sorry, niche is now a gaping space vagina which everyone and their dog is going to rape for content.

      With API scrapes providing up to date intel not only on past sov changes, but upcoming timers, someone will create a widget which takes your current location, tracks distance to closest Thera connection, and then calculates distances from every known Thera exit to every known sov timer. So with the click of a button to open up a bookmark in your browser you can see exactly how far you are away from every single sov timer in EVE (plus or minus muster, travel, probing time).

      That's bullshit.


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