Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Committee of Failure

Our best buds at Dura Lexx, content creators extraordinaire, came back for Round 2 versus Dominatrus Atrum Mortis. 50 billion in goodfite losses doesn't deter Dura Lexx, it makes them want to come back again.

This time, it was a bit more of a one sided shooting match. Videos may be posted later, from both sides, but my inexpert scrubby opinion is that it came down to poor discipline, poor target calling and poor strategy. So, really, not much was done right, but I won't put all the blame on DAM's FC's shoulders - PIZZA's guys and EXIT's guys were equally terrible in their own corners of terribleness.

We had been ragerolling to get in to the target C6 for 24 hours; first rolling our X877 C4 static to find a C4 with C6 static to then roll that. That petered out after 6 rolls, so we lucked out last night with a C2 with E545/R474 and even managed an entry to Kamio va a C1. I contacted some diplo people, outlined the plan: roll the R474 to get into the C6. There was interest from EXIT's Au dudes, but no one else seemed to want to undock from Amarr.

Undeterred, I did two rolls last night, went to bed, got up and discovered the chain sill alive somehow but EOL as fuck, went 3 jumps down the EOL chain and rolled it 3 more times, while awaiting DAM to get a chain in. Five 1% chances, no luck.

Then, a chain to Shirshocin was established, but Dura Lexx had critted it, with a cloaked BS on the C5 side. So we would try to run the gauntlet and get into the C6, or as many as we could before Dura Lexx crushed us out or the hole was massed.

Prolapse had to traverse a frigate hole, and we've been labouring under a war dec and some dessie-down welps, so tactical destroyer hulls were short. We came with a bomber, ceptor, slicer, T3 destroyers, Enyos and a Maulus (because EWAR is kinda important). Shoulda brought more Mauluses or just rolled 8 Void bombers I guess.

We formed up in Shirsochin and EXIT came into Local. Fleet formed slowly due to standings issues, but eventually we got our half the rescue fleet on the hole; 20-odd T3's, Guardians and HACs and 8 smaller ships. Isogen 5 and others were holding calmly in Amarr with more T3's.

Suddenly, without warning EXIT decided to move up through the chain, so we started following, with a guy from EXIT calling out in local every time "x up for next wormhole". This was off to a good start. So we had to follow, because no one was listening to anyone really, least of all me.

Inside the hole, someone's mortgage needed to be paid right this minute you fucking motherfuckers, but happily caps were ejected from the SMA before his IRL problems overcame him. However, the cap support wasn't properly marshalled before we got onto the K162 into the C5 leading to the C6 RG. Again, random EXIT retards jumped ahead, and created us a problem in that they would be decloaked and the Abbadon lurking the C5 would see them and crush us out. So I called the jump and warped wing in to the hole. We piled through and snapped the turd dangling off the ass of the Abbadon and crushed the C5; about a dozen T3s missed their entry and had to straggle very slowly out. Bookmarking is hard, I guess, when some dudes keep jumping ahead with no orders and force the issue. Seriously this was fucking apalling.

The new C5 static was probed down and we set up shop and some probers were sent out to try to find their way through the C5 superhighway for a way in. Turns out, no fucking chance.

Dura Lexx dropped their fleet 40km off the static (I guess they use cloaky nullified scanning T3's who'd a thunk it) - 5 dreads, 3 Archons, 2 Vindis, 2 bomb fit Nestors, 5 Typhoon Fleet Issues (bomb fit), 2 Bhaalgorns and some other shit. The Vindicators began burning in toward our subcaps, webbing them for the dreads. We had to fall back away from them (or that was my order) but either way, we began taking losses because someone is always trying to be smart.

Now, your choices are to cede control or fight. If you are going to fight, the cap FC really needs to have eyes on the field in my opinion and decide where to position his caps. You don't tell someone to do something and then complain later that your non-claky warpin wasn't where you wanted it.

The FC has to make a decision, I expect, to drop triage onto the subcaps (why else, really, do you bring carriers?) and dreads,  for blapping purposes, or to drop everything on the caps and shoot the enemy caps. Neither got done; our triage was 80km away from the subcap fleet, at least, and the friendly dreads began priming Vindicators because subcap pilots were whining. We got one, at least, but only via luck.

The slaughter began in earnest as caps wasted time arguing about who to shoot and shit began to fall apart. We really eventually just decided to suicide ourselves on the suggestion of someone or another whining about Bhaalgorns, and our involvement was over. Fresh clones in highsec.

I don't do a lot of cap warfare, so I can't comment definitively, but I'd have thought that if you had 7 dreads to 5, you'd ether take a bet that the subs could win the engagement if either a) the enemy triage was dead b) the enemy Dreads were eliminated, meaning your subcap logi can sustain your guys against enemy subs and triage - and bomb fit TFI's aren't really a threat let's be honest. With numerical dread advantage it's just attrition (plus or minus fitting issues) and you have numbers. So the cap FC should have just primed the enemy triage and got them off the field.

Like I said above, we really ought to have just brought void bombers and cap fucked the enemy capitals, but we didn't. We should have also just pulled out of the whole show when the EXIT dudes showed absolutely no discipline and the Committee of Failure began arguing.

But in the end, it is DAM's fight. DAM should have had someone running the show with an iron fist, not a committee of part-time FCs making bad choices and allowing retards to dictate the timing. If you aren't ready for the fight and someone blows the whole shit show, scream at them to GTFO and respawn the static. But i guess this just shows that Dura lexx are pro and DAM are not.

I won't even get started on the cap fits. 

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  1. Most of the time I had no idea what I was supposed to be shooting at.


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