Saturday, 11 July 2015

Loot Share Forfeit

BUGRY doesn't have forums at or anything. I can't be fucked organising a DNS, putting in actual effort or caring, and out of game forums don't help organise a corporation too much, i find. But we do have a Facebook group, which is kind of like Nigerian Jabber in the sense that we can ghetto ping for dudes if there's something up.

Maybe ghetto pings aren't as efficient as real jabber pings at getting content. That isn't a problem at the moment because content is lacking, as are numbers. I've been keeping to the regimen of booting inactives from corporation, which has seen numbers go down from 94-odd to about 69-ish in a month. This is harsh, but realistically, better than AHARM with nearly 300 toons and no one around.

Anyway, Primuss found a POS owned by some 4 man Korean corporation which had been siged; almost all guns incapped or anchored. He uncloaked, and checked the shield - 60%. So we began shooting it in 5 bombers, which is what our once mighty Trashcat siege fleet has become - an opportunistic jackal picking over the corpses of other people's kills. We got interrupted by No Vacancies, who dogpiled Mitchellion who was AFK (as you do) bashing. RIP.

I ghetto pinged on nigerian jabber for numbers, of course, but like a tree falling in the forest someone has to be around to hear it. We got one guy ogging in, who denied even having checked the Facebook page. 

So we left it alone for 20 minutes, to let No Vacancies get bored enough, then I deployed the fagrollers and collapsed all the connections, and went back to work, culminating in a glorious POS kill with seven whole people on the mail. Our wild expectations for a dread in the SMA proved fruitless as the motherlode consisted of 2 whole shuttles.

The best part of the whole exercise was that as we were clearing up the incapped guns, a new sig popped and a Russian Tengu jumped in. A few minutes later two Manticores jumped in to join him, so it was 2 siege-fit Oracles and 5 bombers vs Tengu and 2 Manticores - so obviously nothing happens. That's where the TF Effect has to swing into action.

I sent the lads home, waited 5 minutes, and sent in the bait Sigil to scoop the unanchored POS mods. Of course, almost immediately, a manticore uncloaks and starts beating on the Sigil. This does not concern bait Sigils. So i keep trucking for the gun to scoop (nb: I don't even have the cargo capacity to scoop it, due to SPR's in the lows) and wait. Then, like an avatar of the God of Stupid, the Tengu decloaks at 45km and immediately MWD's directly for the Sigil, and begins beating on it with its HAMs.

My Rook which was waiting at the moon nextdoor (convenient how it doesn't appear on d-scan) drops on top of the Tengu and gets point as the second manticore decloaks. Of course, Rook is scrammed, but TF's Patented Bait Rook (tm) is not concerned anout nominally 1,000 DPS on field. Huehuehue, is stronk, tanks like Sigil almost.

Tengu dies to bait Sigil.

Two days later someone checks Facebook and exclaims "What POS siege? Damn, what did i miss out on?"

"Your loot share of the two shuttles is forfeit."

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  1. Dude you should get GroupMe or Slack for ping, no need for that Jabber bollocks


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