Saturday, 18 July 2015

Frig Hole Fun Times #6

Yesterday we found a frigate hole to Providence. Every connection to Providence is greeted with glee, knowing there will be either idiots to gank, fisticuffs to be had, or something dumb to be observed. Plus of course, the inevitable guy posting in Local "Trinkets friend, red in system!" or similar.

The boiz killed a Myrmidon and some haulers before Provibloc / Yulai Federation dropped a bunch of AF's and destroyers on the frigate hole and forced us through. I logged on at that time and jammed a Scythe on the wormhole side and led through a YOLO attack to knock out a Dragoon. This cost us an Enyo, which wasn't bad considering what they had.

We retreated into the wormhole and got repped and assessed the sitch. We had 2 Svipuls, a Jackdaw and a Daredevil. They had a Dragoon, a Tristan, a Vexor, Hurricane, Deimos, Zealot. If we overheated we could gank the Dragoon again, maybe the Tristan, and withdraw. So we tried it, and nearly got the Dragoon down. We retired to POS to sort through our ship stash and rethink the plan.

Then wraith01 signed on, and the plan formed up. I reshipped from the Jackdaw to my Onyx and got wraith01 into his Onyx - we would surprise them by bringing actual tank and DPS through a frig hole.

We returned to the frig hole with 2 gank Onyx, a Harpy, 2 Svipuls and a gank Thrasher. A Scimitar was left on the inside, just in case of cyno and bomber blob.

We bubbled up, jumped out, bubbled the cruisers on the hole and proceeded to punch donuts. The Deimos went down like a sack of crap, followed by the Hurricane, Vexor, Dragoon (again) and pods. The butcher's bill was near a billion ISK due to some shiny-ass bear pods; losses one Thrasher due to a bit of lag.

Later, one of our guys got a mail, relating the internal ructions this rout caused in the midst of Yulai Federation. The poor dears didn't know bubbles reduce your mass by 80% and thought it was quite hilarious camping a frig hole with sentry Ishtars, Zealots, etc etc. What could go wrong in this game of risk-free PVP? So, when blindsided, they accused us of using hax.


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