Wednesday, 8 July 2015

The votes are in....

Nullsec 100
Wormholes 0

75% buff to anomaly numbers
Nerf to transient exits from C5's
More combat anomalies
More relic and data sites

I mean...this is the 'let them eat cake' part of the cycle, I think. If your game is dying, then why not make it a giant gravy train of whatever shallow, pointless frenzy of utterly safe trough-snorting greed your few remaining players want to indulge in?

Clearly CCP's arithmetic in these things is to just make nullsec more livable and safe, versus exciting and edgy. Maybe they are right - perhaps if you just cave in the to detente of the Blue Donut, accept that the game is being run by Mittens and Elise Randolf, if you stop worrying whether there can ever be a new group of players moving into nullsec, carving themselves a spot and making it (c.f. BRAVE ditching Fountain and splitting to the established alliances), then who really cares?

If we can all have 8M ISK T2 medium field extender rigs, 200M ISK Rattlesnakes, A-type invuls at 100M ISK, then surely that's a better game to play? Not that it will matter - we'll all be flying X-type fit Wyverns around, dropping them onto those poor misguided wormholers as they bring their poverty-fit Atrons out to interrupt the important business of accumulating 100B ISk before we quit.

I don't know what's worse - safe, blue donut nullsec, or Incursions. Worse for the game, I mean. this is all based on my opinion. I could be wrong. But the game really started to suffer terribly when incursions came along because you just quit playing with real people, submit yourself to a few hors a month of grinding your teeth listening to neckbearded man children wheeze incessantly at you about poor DPS application and ISK/hr ratios, and then you go back to real content. Except you don't, because you're now addicted to utterly safe 100M ISK per hour ear-rape money. You're a fucking whore to laziness and ego-defeating Incursion grinding. You tell yourself it's only to afford the carrier, or the set of T2 rigs for your dread. it's all good, they'll be covered by the alliance SRP, it's worth the pain. just grit your teeth and put up with these mongoloids for another 16 hours this month, you can do it.

Yeah. That's fun as fuck. Except fuck incursions, lets go to nullsec. You don't have to be limited by the number of hubs and sanctums and havens, not like before. Now twice as many of your alts can farm the same shit for hours on end. True, it's no longer so easy with ISKtars, but Gilas and Rattlers are just as cheap. It'll be all gravy. Just hit your ratting quotas, pay your tax, and the corp's rental bill will be easily met. Fucking amazeballs. The CEO even said in his latest whiny email, CTA's will be down 30% in the coming months, and it's just got safer - Quaserknocks Social Whores won't be dipping into your ratting sphere and shitting up intel so much, and you'll have twice as many green beacons to hide amongst. Gravy, man. Total gravy. X-type Wyverns all the way, man.

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