Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Racist fucks

The most annoying thing about EVE is often the American rednecks and white supremacist cunts.

Late at night, hopped up on moonshine and with the taste of their sister's dicks still fresh in their mouths, these fucking lowlife scum get online and head to Recruitment channnel and start telling what they consider to be jokes.

These include the old gold "What do apples and negroes have in common They both look good hanging from a tree."

Now, I am sure that the ISD guys have plenty of work to do on the forums, trimming people's catty insults and calming down itchy neckbeards.

However, this is a game played predominantly by adults who, firstly, should know better than to tell overtly crass racist jokes in a public channel. These supposed adults definitely know that, firstly, not everyone who plays EVE is white.

This probably annoys them, but they must know that their racism is reaching its intended audience, both the white guys who are too smart to speak up, and the black and Asian guys who are going to feel angered, shamed, disgusted or victimised by this crap.

This, then, shows that when someone tells such a joke in a public channel or indeed Local, anyone who is silent is complicit in allowwing racism to thrive in EVE Online. Surely, you may think, these guys are just drunk or hopped up on dope late at night, you have to expect that.

No. You fucking don't. There's no amount of drunk or stoned which would make me talk about "jewing" or dissing "niggers" in Local or Recruitment.

So, I will continue to report these fucktards until they get banned.

I will say, here, that in this regard, CCP will turn around a support ticket for racism inside 3 minutes. So, it pays to play fair, speak fair and not put up with this shit, either on the forums or off. Sure, they really ought to crack down on Recruitment from time to time in the AU TZ when all the neckbearded mouthbreathing cunts get on and turn it into a festering pile of shit. But that doesn't absolve everyone else in the channel from upholding decency too.

It is simply commonsense and good business for CCP to respond as harshly as possible to these asswipes, because there's only so many people who'll sign off Teamspeak ever night with a fervent "White Power!" and there's a hell of a lot of Japanese, Singaporean, Korean, indian, or just plain brown-skinned people who will pay their ten bucks a month and don't need to put up with 1800's attitudes in the 21st century.

What's in it for you? Well, if you aren't a white supremacist small-dicked cousin fucking inbred redneck fucktard, you get to play an adult game, with adults and not have to read atrociously racist bullshit.

I think that's worth a dozen support tickets a day.


  1. Nice one mate! Glad to see I'm not the only one who reports these useless twats.

    I've even noticed how some of the 'aussie' channels are starting to get shit filled recently. So much that I often just close them down because of the crap there. Although it hasn't gone down to the level of racism it starts to get bloody close. If they cross that line then in goes the support ticket if they don't stop once they get told about it!

    Keep up the good work \o/

  2. Please keep reporting them... more often than not it isn't really a 'white redneck' is some stuck up collegete kid/redditor(?) who thinks he's funny giving the bulk of us from the southern part of the U. S. a bad name.

  3. True. When I was in NEM3 alliance out in Delve, it was an intense-sounding guy from Oregon. He lived in Oregon, apparently, to get away from all the blacks in Mississippi.

    I've also encountered a few racist cunts who were clearly from Boston, New York and California. So, hey, maybe there's just a whole slew of racist fucks spread all over the USA getting on the internet and playing games and being racist.

    I'll be reporting a whole bunch of people in Recruitment for talking about "jewing"and "jew pew" which I understand is the practise of wardeccing mission runners or something.


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