Sunday, 25 May 2014

Epic thread derailment

Wormholes are a funny place. I've pretty much come to the conclusion that 99% of the time people wait around for content to be created (duh) and then it's all batphones and blue balls and once a month, tops, you get a "gudfite" which ends up as a video on the forum where people come together to nerdrage, troll, sperge and basically use it as an advertisement about how awesome and elite wormhole PVP is, and join my C5-C5 corp now, you'll be the best.

So, people do.

The problem is, self-important primadonnas rule the roost andd there's a looosely held belief that as long as you aren't a giant farmatron, you can sit in your bonused C5 wormhole, call it something edgy like "Nova" or "Valhalla" or something, and bingo-bango you'll be left alone as long as you bring the "gudfites". You don't get the "gudfites" sometimes unless there's an eviction underway, however, at which ppoint in time you begin a giant whingenaught thread.

Then some clown comes along and derails it into a discussion about Incarna space-barbies clothing. >.<


  1. You are a god among Barbies Trink. Best derail ever.

  2. i second that.


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