Saturday, 10 May 2014

Trifecta of fail

Whenever I see a tractor in highsec, I probe it out if I have time. Todayy, I found my way through a very long chain to Iyen-Oursta and saw two tractors on scan. While i shuffled a few stolen Cyno System Jammer Array to Jita for sale (can't remember where I stole them from, but w/e) I probed down the tractors. One got scooped by some mission-runner, the other belonged to a guy in a Venture in a belt.

I loaded my prowler up and came back to Iyen-Oursta. I bumped the Venture off and decloaked my loki, beginning to shoot. The Prowler hockey-shuffled the Venture away from his stricken Tractor while i laid into it with an anemic cloaky Loki DPS. Eventually he realised what was happening, jinked away from the Prowler, and tried to come in for a scoop. A bit of a Loki bump, and that was looking like a no-go for him, so he warped off.

Now, my Loki fit is terrible at DPS (234) and OK at tanking (classified, but +800), so it was going to depend what he brought back whether I'd fight. I cloaked the prowler, figuring at least I could avoid random revenge ganking.

Surprisingly, he brought a Noctis, so i was thinking he would just be trying to go for a scoop, so first up was a bump. Then he shot at me, allowing me to murder him. I thought it was just a Nosferatu, but it appears he had smartbombs.

So of course, the first thing I do is scoot the Prowler in to bomb range and get him CONCORDOKKENED. Then I podded him.

Trifecta. Plus he also has a killright on him. 

Sure, some dude may have bumped you off your tractor and killed it, but it's only a tractor unit. Don't turn 7M into 130M in losses. 

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