Sunday, 4 May 2014

Nestor - Achievement Unlocked

The Nestor is, to my mind, basically the biggest white elephant ship in EVE right now. I mean, OK, it's nice to buy shinies and not use them, but using the Nestor in any environment for which it is intended is just plain silly. Lets be honest, it's meant for wormholes, but you wouldn't drive a Ferrari down to South Central with "fuck you cunts" written on the side, and for 1.5B ISk you may as well find alternatives.

However, there's nothing in EVE if not an oversupply of ISK and a dearth of commonsense and, perhaps, people who just like to helicopter dick their way around. In some cases, it's even the fact they believe it is embarrassing to die in a cheap ship, so they pimp it up.

I'm looking for a C3/U210 because when BUGRY lived in one, we got the best pew pew and had the most fun we ever had, as a corp. So I found what may be the system - unoccupied, all its moons bar one occupied by a blocking POS (caldari smalls) and an offline Minmatar medium with a bit of candy. Move in, and some other poor shmucks have made it impossible for you to get a siege POS in your system without at least a couple hours extra work.

So, while out baiting in Metropolis with my Nereus, I had my alt AFKing in the C3, ahead of actually bothering to put a POS kit together in Dodixie and get moved in. I tabbed over every now and then to hit d-scan, and then suddenly I had nestor, Domi, Tempest, Abbadon, Coercer and Noctis on scan, and a fresh sig.

It took a few seconds to remember what a Nestor actually was, and then I was off one set of comms and on to another to rustle up a batphone, while I dropped my Nereus in Dammalin and hoofed it to the entry. The only ship i had nearby was an Omen, and our gang numbered seven, with only one logi.

Going up against three RRing battleships with Domi and Nestor drones (~800 DPS each) with a solo Logi was going to be tough. Given we were all in cloaky, proby T3's, half of us were active shield tanked and lacked the DPS we ought to have, the plan was to bump the BS apart and get the cap transfers to drop, thereby nobbling the spider tank. We were then going to hold on with gritted teeth until another guy could bring a 600 DPS Legion in and hopefully crack them. The Oneiros was LASB fitted and technically survivable, but it was going to be hairy.

But for a 1.5B hull to get a killmail on, lord alone knows what pimp was on it, plus maybe 2-3 other BS and any rescue fleet....well, #YOLOSWAGSPACEDOLLAZ.

In the end, the other BS bailed and left the Nestor to its fate. He was very sporting about it, as he had paid 205M ISK to print the hull, and we didn't get welped.

It was, however, theoretically going to be a balls to the wall battle. I kinda wish they had stuck around and tried the RR and sentries.

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