Friday, 16 May 2014

Needs FRAPs ffs

I have played around with the idea of FRAPSing some of my engagements. often it would be kind of boring, but every so often it would be a highly entertaining affair which would perhaps show a few people a thing or two.

Last night on the roam, I was heavy scouting in SS Planet Dollaz 2 jumps into lowsec after the fleet had got welped in a BS engagement versus Snuff Box. I won't go into details on that, as I wasn't present on field, but suffice to say everyone was mid reshipping and I was YOLOing around.

I was hunting, or at least hoping to be hunted by, a Vexor. I know the Planet Dollaz can take a solo cruiser, perhaps two if they are bad and noobs. I was confident i could at least tackle him hard till someone came along to get backup point and DPS. My only problem was a guy in system in a Talos. I'd done the maths, and blaster Talos was 1100-1300 DPS of horror which would hand me a lossmail in seconds, so the objective was to get tackled by the Vexor and bleat on comms, whilst avoiding the Talos. Not an easy task in a hauler.

As it turned out, my "PI" milk run ended up on planet 3 POCO at zero, and a small distraction saw me on grid, not aligned, when the Talos landed. I immediately tried to GTFO...but it seems I warped into the side of the POCO and was bouncing off it. Ruh roh, raggy. Boy, did i bleat on comms. Girlishly, I may admit.

However, this is where the wish for FRAPS comes in. I was a mere 100m away from the Talos, and although he was hitting me hard (down to 10% shield!) I pulled out all stops. First off, was not to point him back until the exact last minute, in case it gave the game away. Second was to overload the Invul, big time. But most importantly was manually piloting around him in an orbit of 200-300m at the blistering speed of 150m/s. Even large blasters can't track that well, and that's what saved the bacon. Barely.

So. End result was a Talos who died to a huge gang, and a Nereus which didn't die to something that, reasonably, ought to have completely pwned the shit out of it in seconds.

Then we set about greening up the killboard, and it's kind of a luxury to be in a Q-ship. You get to point a Raven on gate with a scram and not get shot for the whole battle.

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