Friday, 30 May 2014

Putin Commands It

I will start this by saying I play EVE a bit differently than Blood union, but that does not devalue what they do and how they do it. You have to respect the aspie-like traits that allow a group of guys to sit in their dark post-Communist era tenements hooked up to the internet via whatever passes for a connection in kamchatka (Sputnik, I guess) for hours on end in a presumably Vodka-fuelled rage-rolling marathon to seed 3 caps at a time into a target system. I mean, I couldn't do it, and not just because I don't have friends.

Consider that this is how they get their killboard to look flash.

It is not strictly PVP, in the w-bro sense of e-honour and facing off in the rare occasions you get fights, with 60 T3's per side and 120 Guardians or whatever. I mean, when you basically alpha dreads off the field, it's just ganking. 

Does it make it wrong? No. it just means that Blood Union has a core group (or indeed probably a couple of such groups) who rageroll into a C5 or C6 where they can - for now - get a feel for a regular cap escalating bear den, and they stuff in a bunch of caps and subcaps (really, a couple of HICs is enough), log them off and then pull a gank. If that's the way you want to play the game, then so be it.

Hwever, there's now been two evictions of some of the apparently elite WH PVP corps from C5's they have in great fits of hubris and ego named Valhalla and Olympus. Well, I say two evictions even though Whale Girth hasn''t technically lost everything yet, but lets be honest - it's like a well-oiled Russian death machine with rentboy Lazerhawks fluffer support, versus a herd of cats who set about becoming defeatist layabouts at the first sign of trouble.

It seems there's a list of people Blood Union want to evict, and basically, it's the whole of EVE's C5-6 community. It will be interesting to see how they go at it, and good luck to them. In a way I hope they achieve serial evictions because there are a huge number of overly pretentious corps where one or two people create a lot of content for carebears.

Perhaps this is a bit of bittervetness coming out, but certainly when people want to do wormholes they want to do C5-C6 because it's a way of printing ISK, affording the shiny ships, and getting involved in zomg huge battles populated by massive lists of 250 Tengus and the like. No one wants to explore the other options of J-space, other ways of living, fighting and dying.

However, the reality is that because the majority of people are really only interested in the ISK and the ganks, when you get faced with Blood Union or a group of hardcore yak-fondling madmen hell-bent on total scorched-earth destruction, suddenly everyone's stashing their ships in hisec and rolling over in defeat. To give the Russians credit, I've seen more than an Anglo average of them fight like crazy bastards when Anglopones would be blubbing on the batphone and if that fails, SDing the lot.

This, really, is what sets Blood Union apart, and why I'm predictingan orgy of massive evictions just because they can do it. Indeed, if they've set themselves a goal of evicting every notable WH alliance from their twattishly named systems, it's the Russians who will achieve this. Anyone remember the DRF?

Hopefully this will result in a more dynamic cascade of alliances - like VOC's latest alleged move - moving down to what is, essentially, more secure low-class space. However, i'm not looking forward to stupid huge blobs of T3's dickarsing about hisec like the bad old days of Narwhals. but if Putin comands it, it will be so.

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  1. What a great post-love it!Agree with every line.


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