Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Build Team

I have begun training a second toon on TF's account to get him into a Buzzard because of a fortuitous series of events which allowed me to see a disaster unfolding in extreme slow-motion.

It began with leaving the C3/lowsec hole I'd found (the one with the Astero and Nestor) because of a near-SNAFU with internet pproblems and being outside the hole nnearly saw the corp trapped out. So I pulled the pin on that and we regrouped (by which I mean, apparently set about not being a corp anymore) in hisec and began randomly banging about checking holes in hisec.

I found a C1 with 35 anomalies in it, inhabited ostensibly by Aussies. This, i thought, will be a good place to camp for a while and maybe interrupt them mid-farming. At least, I figured, I might be in for some action in my own timezone, now that rat kills and ship kills will no longer show on the API. So i find their POS, warp-spawn all the cosmic signals (12 gas, radar, mag sites) and log off.

I log in in the afternoon and see a few tengus and a mmetric fuckton of haulers I suspect were going to a K162 to C2. Nothing eventuates and they disappear. I think no more about it. 

The next day I sign on and do a d-scan and, hello, new POS and forcefield! I hunt it down (oddly, it's at the moon I logged off at....) and see who it is - some newish corp. They have jacked up a decent large POS with a decent set of noisemakers attached to it...and a large ship assembly. It bears watching.

Life goes on for a day, and I log off my alt in the hole before it disappears, and log back in on day 3. Now there's 2 Megathron at the POS with no, wait, guns begin appearing as the guy who's built them in the C1 is fitting them at his POS. Which now has an XL assembly array.

The shoe has dropped. Corp #2 is gearing up to siege corp #1. The only question is, are they making a dread or a carrier? Maybe both?

This puts a timetable on what I need to do. I have a fair idea of when the capital will be cooked, and then 40 hours later more or less, the target POS will come out of RF. The target POS, incidentally, has about 2.5B in faction guns on it.

So the plan is to let the interlopers siege out the residents, kill them at the vinegar stroke, finish off their target POS, rep the pimp batteries and steal all the things, then (if we can get the guy to eject from his dread perhaps?) turn around and evict the interlopers.

Fallback position if we miss the initial siege is to jack up our own siege POS and force the same issue on our timetable.

This is C1 living at its finest.

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