Tuesday, 10 June 2014

How to make 2.7 billion in 3 hours

  1. Respawn O477 and scan its K346
  2. Discover 13 Einherji abandoned by nullbear Thanny pilot instadocking.
  3. Combat probe and steal said Einherji (300M)
  4. See step 1.
You can also go and shoot a couple of tractors, troll them in Local, have a small gang of them camp your wormhole to trap your solo Moa in nullsec, and then slaughter them with Sudden Buggery surprise cloaky fleet of doom. 
  1. Respawn O477 
  2. Discover offline POS with pinata
  3. Blow up the Ship Maintenance Array (1.1B)
  4. Blow up the Corporate hangar Array (1.3B)
#SWAG achieved.

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