Monday, 5 May 2014

Astero - Achievement Unlocked

I am not as space-rich as some of the nullsec Elite, like eg; Dark Razer etc, who run eve bet. I don't have 80B ISK, or 200B ISK. I have single digit billions.

They say that the upper classes get rich on the toil of others; this is as true in EVE as it is in real life. However, unlike in real life, your betters do not kill you and steal your hours of gist and grind, build out your True Sansha pulse laser BPC and make around 350M ISK.

Today, Bob the Wormhole God gaveth to me and tooketh away from Ivan Pestrov.

I am not sure how long it takes to grind 800M of nullsec sites, but it takes 20 seconds to grind an Astero.

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  1. Felt equally blessed when we had a proteus jump our mining flleet. He locked our drake, all the ventures reshipped into pvp ships - and bam. Whoremail.

    Keep up the good work. Your patience is actually pretty impressive on some of these kills.


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