Sunday, 11 May 2014

A tingle of excitement

Yesterday, BUGRY.

Today, TALUN?

I hope this sees low-class wormholes fill up again with people who actually bring fights. Sure, you make big bank in C5's, but it's kind of a farm-all or fight-all scene, where small entities cannot survive by getting decent fights (and get blobbed hard by 30+++ Proteuses with 30% of the fleet Guardian coverage) and where monthly brawls  get FRAPsed and written up on the forums like they are earthshattering events.

Meanwhile, you go about your business in the long grass at the low end of town, racking up more kills, more ISK killed, more fun, less vids, less e-peen.

No longer, I hope. TALUN were great fun. Poke the hornet's nest, harvest the tears, scuttle away when the content you created was too much.

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