Sunday, 11 May 2014

Flight of the Planet Dollaz #2

I found some rats on a gate in lowsec and went ratting. In my Nereus, on gate.

Aggressed on gate by a Prophecy, I wander off gate, then back to gate. When the prophecy is bleeding into hull, I activate scram and web, to try to hold him for the gate guns to kill. He caps me out at just the wrong time, and my scram drops, allowing him to bail to a planet.

I follow, and so does a Goonswarm Vagabond. I scram the Prophecy, confident that eventually the Vaga will just kill him and then get bored kiting me and/or call for help to take me down, in maybe 20 mins.

timmy selby > battle neurs op
timmy selby > please nerf
timmy selby > Loroseco Kross
timmy selby > Plox
timmy selby > dont be a dick
Loroseco Kross > I'm not
Loroseco Kross > I didn't shoot either of you
timmy selby > neurs is to op
Trinkets friend > lol, you suck timmy
timmy selby > Holy shit
timmy selby > That reacher is unreal
timmy selby > u can tank 500dps
timmy selby > thast crazy
Trinkets friend > gf
timmy selby > gf
timmy selby > thast crazy
timmy selby > link ur fit
Trinkets friend > its sekrit
Loroseco Kross > 2 rite m8
Trinkets friend > I just wanna go to barlaguet and buy one thing
timmy selby > u couldnt break me
timmy selby > without gate guns
Trinkets friend > Gate guns could but i capped out at the wrong time for my scram
Trinkets friend > you got lucky :)
Loroseco Kross > Wait
Loroseco Kross > The Nereus was winning?

timmy selby > thats why i have neuts
Trinkets friend > yeah
Loroseco Kross > Hahahahaha
timmy selby > on the gate
Loroseco Kross > That's brilliant hahahaha
timmy selby > I got fucked
timmy selby > :L
timmy selby > gate guns tore me up
EVE System > Channel changed to Local : Aulbres

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  1. Oh wow, I just found this blog post. I'm the Goonswarm Vagabond, I knew timmy from an old corp and I did want to kill him, but thought it'd be fucking hilarious to have that kill to link if you'd managed to kill him.

    To think this was two years ago. I've played this game for too long.


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