Monday, 5 January 2015

Meet the Buggers Season 1

I think that any blog about a corporation in EVE is incomplete, perhaps, without a bit on an expose of its members. I will thus endeavour to bring to life some of the personalities of Sudden Buggery. We are after all playing an MMO; a corp is more than the sum of its parts or the personalities behind its leader or leaders. It is a collective of nerdy gentlemen with an interest in exploration, PVP and being douches. These are their very abridged stories.

First up, one of my newest recruits, Junkstress Warden. As of this date he's been in-game a week. He came into the corp public channel (Beggars Bowl, feel free to join, I only temp kick people during sensitive intel events) and said he was looking to join a corp. He was 4 days old.

I am one of the few CEOs of wormhole corps who hires (if that's the right word) utter noobs. But i don't just hire any noob; you have to show a certain mental attitude, a certain drive, and a certain rat-cunning to make it past the first interview as a <1 week old toon.

The first thing I noticed about junkstress was the age. The second thing was that he had, at the time, a 2M ISk bounty. That's an achievement at 4 days of age, make no mistake. So I asked him why and he said "I've been ninja salvaging since day 1 and some dude put a bounty on me."

I have a soft spot for ninja salvagers. Back in the day, as I transitioned out of PVE and ratting and just fumbling about the game dying to rats every week as my brother left me to it and gave me a few pointers here and there, one day I learned about d-scan. I hit d-scan in Gulfonodi and noticed a million wrecks. I wanted those wrecks, I knew there was a shitload of ISK, so i asked "How does I salvage everyone else's wrecks?" and the answer was probing, and ninja salvaging.

Within a week i'd killed 2 Navy megathrons in my Cyclone, and 3 months later people were warning each other when i came to Gulfonodi or Penirgman or Motsu, look ut for TF, he's going to come into your mission in a fucking Merlin, and he's going to steal your fucking shit, and if you shoot him, he'll fuck your shit up.

So, of course, I hired Junkstress. Like any good ball of putty, he's a malleable plaything I can teach how to be more evil, more douchey, more of a bastard and more profitable. From 20M a day, he's now at 20M an hour. He's scouting POSs, learning d-scan, learning probing, bookmarks, wormholes, laying aste to POCO's, sitting on a hisec for 5M an hour and saving everyone's bacon with timely intel that saves us from 15 Proteii. All in 3 days.

The thing is this. Being a noob, you are very, very useful. Its just up to your CEO and corpmates to find a use for a tool which is more a ball of dough than a finely honed dagger or a wicked war axe.

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  1. Your assessment of the usefulness of new players is spot on. With the right attitude and pedigree a new player can be just the thing you need to fill vital roles in a gang, fleet, or corporation. As long as you know what drives them, the sky is the limit. You can train them to be EXACTLY what they should to be successful in your unit without having to break any bad habits or arrogant attitudes, provided they are willing to learn.

    That said, thanks for the opportunity to kick some ass in a solid corp chock full of good people with tons of knowledge to share.

    - Junkstress


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