Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Merry Christmas

Enjoy your shitty CCP gifts, and less shitty IRL gifts.

Christmas can be a pretty hard time of year if you're feeling down, like me. But remember - you could have Ebola or live in Syria. So fly dangerous and enjoy the spare time to ISK up for the new year. It promises to be a good one, I think, for EVE, as long as people cast of the shackles of cowardice and live life a bit dangerously.

Next year, I am sure, will see my first cap loss.


  1. Merry Christmas to you. Hopefully, you'll be feeling in better spirits soon.

    Sitting at work this morning when I realized something. When (if?) I go to hell, there will be a very specific scenerio waiting for me.

    I will be sitting in a cubicle. The person next to me will be playing the same 3 christmas songs on a loop. It'll be a half day, but there will always be an hour left on the clock to go. The people around me will be cheerful, chatty, and generally unaware of my personal hell, furthering my isolation. There will be no work to do, but the internet filter will kill most of my attempts at entertainment.


  2. Merry Christmas mate. Have been reading your blog for about a month starting at your first post. Lots of good points and generally a good read about bits I'm interested in.

    I can appreciate the backwardness of living in Perth. Bloody NBN would be good soon.

    Have a good one and maybe I will touch base online. Cheers



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