Friday, 19 December 2014

The curse of IRL strikes again

If you were wondering why there are lost arrays in the Prolapse. combat log this week, it is because my winning personality and charm offensive managed to get some hisec miners interested in pushing the boundaries of k-space living and come explore the exciting (and exceptionally dangerous) world of wormhole living with the alliance.

They moved their operation - POS, orca, retrievers, etc, into the C4, set up the refinery arrays, etc etc, and got stuck into a few rocks. They got bubbled and killed by  Doom Generation on day two, losing four Covetors and pods, due to a variety of factors, including having absolutely no idea what they were doing. Undeterred, they got themselves a few more Retties in, sucked a belt dry, compressed a bunch of shit and refined other shit, and made a little bit of money - hardly more than a month's fuel worth of mining, because they didn't fully exploit the belt when it existed, and only mined for an hour or two at a time.

They went quiet about 2 months ago, and a month ago I knew something was up. i sent a few mails, and checked their POS every day, knowing that one day it was going to run out of juice. it did that nearly two weeks ago, leaving a compression array, medium ship assembly, refinery array and a research laboratory floating in the breeze.

We debated farming the labs ourselves, but they industrialist CEO toon finally signs on, and lets us know that someone in his family is in hospital and he's been out of town. We organise a fuel delivery, but they guy signs out 5 minutes before it arrives. We can't put it in the POS and online it, so we all shrug and get back to twiddling thumbs, waiting for the day it gets farmed.

LZHX, Sleeper Social Club, various people have been and gone without spotting the Pinata, but today it got found and farmed. We caught them as they were about to evac the contents of the arrays, and salvaged what we could, but hats off to the guys.

Is it annoying? A little. Five minutes more dedication and it would have been avoided, but probably only for a little while. But that's what you get with alliances - you are allies, not their boss. You get to shrug and not check the alliance killboard and instead focus on your own performance and goals and ideas, and be around to support the alliance corps.

I suspect our industry and miner guys will probably back out to highsec, a bit poorer and a bit wiser, but hopefully stick around. Guess it depends how IRL kicks their arses.

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