Sunday, 7 December 2014

Frig hole fun times 2

We connected to a C5 from our home wormhole via a C008 frigate wormhole. The C5 had a Vital Core Reservoir, a Q003 to nullsec, and its V573 static, with no towers, nada. We had it for 8 hours, and went in and out a few times to the nullsec on the other side, went for a small trip around, found a few other wormholes, nothing much going on.

Then, just by happenstance, I warped over in my Astero to have another look, went in, hit d-scan and saw
Primary The Rev - Moros -
Meepo - Mobile depot -

Immediately I considered the possibilities that presented themselves -
  1. The Moros was crushing the C6
  2. He perhaps had fucked up?
  3. ???
  4. Profit
I got Darth Bex to drop everything and come over with an Anathema, and combat probe the Moros out, and I repeatedly had to assure people i was not hallucinating. Of course, I was thinking - dafuq are we going to deal with all the shit that tackling a capital will rain down on our heads when we do get a warp-to it. I had barely begun to form the #YOLO, fuck it, go in and die trying plan that always suffices for BUGRY, when Bex had the warp-in for the Moros, but had no point.

So, dual-scram Astero, and more jibber-jabber, and the Enyos began to get reshipped and landing, and we swapped Sabres for Devoter and struck up a short but ultimately futile negotiation with the Moros pilot and his alt. A billion ISK it was at and we were figuring out if any of us could actually fly the Moros, when the self-destruct timer went off (apparently that was a mistake) and so there you have it. Frigates killing a Moros.

Eventually, I am sure, with enough Sentinels and time to probe through the C6 to the C1 to hisec. Which, incidentally, we had to do to lug out the 550M in loot.

We then found our way out our X877 to another nullsec where, earlier in the day, i had warped to a random Haven and landed on a Tempest at zero metres by happenstance, which was as shocking to him as it was to me, no doubt. We had previously scalped a Skiff at a belt, so the locals had clearly forgotten us in the intervening three hours and the new shift of rent-seeking peons were unaware that when a BUGRY Sentinel pokes its nose into local, it was only to save the Forlorn Hub you are doing in your Rattlesnake, and they assuredly will be back.

So we mopped the floor with the Rattler and got into a brawl that escalated from a Deimos, to a supporting Guardian, a Loki, a Domi, a Manticore....etcetera.

Our 10MN Afterburner inquisitor fit proved a wee bit unfortunate in the handling department. Toboggan weighed down with lead bricks comes to mind. Dualboxing frigates and frigate logi is also a bad idea, i can confirm. So we lost a handful of cheap ships, but came up ahead on the ISK war.

The take-homes?

Well, firstly, all it takes is being in the right hole at the right time to do the d-scan to catch the Moros. Secondly, frig holes can get you content. But they require more than one or two people, and you really need to hit and run nullbears, just come out, grab something, shoot it up and then fade away.

Thirdly, frig logi is a very, very difficult thing to get right in small gangs. You need to sacrifice at least a third of your gang to logi, and you really need to have a frig gang in excess of 6-8 people. probably 9 or more, and 3 logi frigs would do it. I wouldn't really recommend the 10MN AB Inquisitors so much, without links, in a mobile fight. The fight can zig, but you can't zag.

Finally, going forward, I do query whether the new T3 Destroyers will bring enough to the fight beyond what's already on the table. Even a laughable gang with single Guardian proved too much - just a few sentry drones, and you blow up like popcorn. In frigates - let alone stupidly sig-bloated destroyers. In a decent gang, if you don't hit and run, your logi will be the easiest targets, and then the rest is just a mop-up.

Caveat emptor,  guess.

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