Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Flights of the Planet Dollaz 5

December has rolled around and we kicked the month off with a Russian guy who was crushing an entrance to his C5 with a heptaplate Higgs Geddon. It's the new meta, seriously. But that was the 1st - yesterday was the 2nd, and once again the Planet Dollaz came to the fore.

First cab off the rank were some nullbears in AP9-LV who were bemused by my inability to dock the Planet Dollaz at their heavily bubbled station. We struck up a conversation where the 2 month old expert of EVE attempted to educate me, after I claimed to have bought the account, about how I didn't have docking rights.

The CEO of a corp. Is a noob. And doesn't know about docking rights.

So mr 2 month old zygote man undocks a Coercer and somehow catches me as I derp into one of the bubbles set 100km off the station. He plays it smart, staying at 14km jus outside of web range as I zig-zag drunkenly deeper into the bubble (no reason, no reason) and somehow my shield stays at 95%. I mean, that's not suspicious at all!

Eventually, he drops the hammer, being a Thorax, Caracal and because of extreme cowardice, a solo Osprey. The Thorax isn't quite as smart as the Coercer and comes in at 0m and as soon as I have scram we drop our kitchen sink fleet on them and educate some noobs.Solo Osprey escapes by the skin of his teeth.

Dinner time and downtime come and go and I roll the N766 and X877. The N766 has Sunspot Manufacturing and C1RCL3 0F M157 living in it; Heron, Corax, Helios on scan. Heron proves to be a 2 day old nublet from the attached noob system via the B274, and doesn't take the Nereus bait which I warp to him at the sun. He probably doesn't even realise there is such a thing as PVP yet, so he warps off and goes to highsec.

I derp the nereus to the Z647, and the Corax warps out of POS almost immediately. I get it scrammed and webbed a couple of klicks off the hole and am about to decloak the Astero to finish it off when a Gila and a Stratios land and deploy the rape drones. I bail the Nereus into the C1, followed by the Stratios, and they begin camping me in there. A bit outmatched by the Gila and Stratios, I ping the only other guy online for some backup, and reship TF into a Protar.

I pull the Nereus back through from the C1 and get pinned down off the hole by the Corax and Gila. Overheating the Invuls, Humang decloaks and sics his Geckos onto the Corax, which basically vaporises before it can align out. The enemy Strat jumps home, and they get stuck into the Nereus, while we prime the Gila. Good old Planet Dollaz tanks for 4 minutes against the Gila and Strat before the tank blows out. Both the Gila and Planet Dollaz are forced back into the C1, the former out of shields, and the latter in hull. I bounce the nereus off to a safe immediately, to get some shield mojo back, and we begin pounding the enemy Stratios into half armour.

I bounce the Nereus back and the Gila doubletaps himself to catch it, and dies. The Nereus is doubletaped in the C1, but the Stratios stays cloaked - not that it could break the tank on the Planet Dollaz anyway.

Later, I find some angry Italians in a C3, and lure an ECM Imicus out to kill it. The amusing thing is the response to an Imicus being ganked on their highsec by a hauler - instant rage logon Abbadon, Brutix, Malediction and Tengu.

I go to bed.


  1. Some people are are so eager for a fight they will even engage a nereus. Does anyone ever actually fly that ship for anything besides bait?

    Well at least this 2014 gila pilot had the guts to try pvp without even the ability to use a T2 fitting.
    -I am only 5 years old so still space poor and reluctant to even risk a TG1 frigate.

  2. Doubletap = polarized?

    All these nubbins we get these days means Passive Shield NOS Nereus bait will always be a thing. Too satisfying when it works not to be :D


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