Thursday, 4 December 2014

A slight remodelling

That sludge green was a bit sludgy. I hope you like this darker, more Minmatar theme a bit better. if you find anything illegible, sperge at me.


  1. OK NOT a sperg... but...

    Yer background, GREAT background BTW... but, if you resize it to the max that the template calls for and set not to scroll... could look somebit bettah than teh scrolling thing... just one man's humble opinion.. I DO like the look over all much betta... =]

  2. B449 from nullsec looking into Tash Murkon, pre-Hyperion.

    I'll look into the setting on Blogger. Some are easily understood, others don't run on each style sheet neccessarily, and others are beyond Numpty McNubbins the web programmer here.


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