Thursday, 15 January 2015

"Buzzard Go Home"

First, the good news. Whilst on our way to Operation man Code, we called in some friends to provide a bit of logi and went down towards the target, via our chain, which included an entry in each of the four empires, with the Caldari exit in a C2 Wolf Rayet.

Our destination was a C4 Pulsar where we'd been stront checking idiots (more on this later), which explains our fits....mostly. We numbered 9 in fleet - 2 Rattlesnakes, a VNI, Onyx, Sleip, Naga, Jag, Basilisk and Osprey because "I thought it was too risky to bring a Basi", and the obligatory armour tanked Sacrilege piloted by Wraith "I don't have shield ships" 01. We were going in versus an entrenched enemy with 15 online confirmed, from 5 corps, so batphone was expected. not that my dudes knew, but let's be honest, a fight is a fight and we had stronk fleet and Rattlesnakes are dirt cheap. 

In scouting the C2 Wolf-Rayet the locals had a swing at my Buzzard as I went to highsec, with a Crow, Onyx, Myrmidon and Proteus. I guess the name of one of their Drakes, "Go Home Buzzard" clued me in to the fact I was interrupting their money making scheme. The locals were full of vim and vigor, so we deployed Procurer bait, which they didn't take. Time wore on for 10, 15 minutes and they assembled quite the gang on the highsec (plus we assumed, 20 lachesis we couldn't see on d-scan). Their fleet, to our knowledge, included 2 x Myrmidon, 2 x Sacrilege, Drake, Drake Navy issue, Oneiros, Eos, Onyx, Proteus.  They were happy to camp the highsec, so we had to go to them, so we recalled the procurer baits, uneaten, not even nibbled upon.

Instead of taking the bait, the guys in the C2 W-R sent Yousuck Younoob through to us in a Corax  about 30s before our Procurer reships were back on grid. He died, but they now had +/- 10%, our fleet comp.As soon as our VNI boated through our bubble, I called "#YOLO" and we jumped.

I wing warped us to the highsec, bubbled by the enemy Onyx, and we landed. I primed the Drakes, to remove ~800 DPS from the field ASAP, and knowing one Oneiros circling the B274 wasn't going to prop them up. The Drakes were pushed out in seconds once the Geckos from the Rattlers began aplhaing their shields. I was slightly distracted by our Naga blowing up, but the bleating on comms was almost nil. It wasn't to be saved anyway, being a sniper fit.

Then I noticed a Rook land at the edge of the bubble, and a Legion decloaked. Smesmod was reporting a significant amount of DPS from the Proteus, and eventually had to bail to highsec. I called the Oneiros prime, to rid us of his logi, and split my DPS; cruise on the Oneiros and Gecko on the Proteus. The former jumped, and the latter disappeared as the Rook landed a few jams before hoofing it, no one actually having shot at him. Next the Legion, to rid us of any potential neuting. I initially assumed he jumped because one minute he was there, the next he was not.

While I was searching for a new primary, Wraith reported a Sacrilege suffering heavily, so we called prime on that - it assploded. Next was the other Sac, Myrms (one jumped), then the Eos, as the Rook came back with an Ishtar. The Rook got aplha'd by our Sleipnir but we didn't get point on the Ishtar so he buggered off in deep structure, which left nothing on field bar the Onyx, which wasn't doing much at all.

The slaughter.

We found it odd that these guys didn't all manage to jump. perhaps our DPS was too stronk. They were mostly in active tanked ships. No doubt an element of confusion and some dualboxing erros. But at least they brought a fight.

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