Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Credit Card Damage

I am pretty sure that Ness Shaishi bought his Onyx with a PLEX. That is a juicy Onyx. in fact, it's juicier than a maiden's pussy after she stumbles out of the brambles, deep in the forest, to the side of a stream and finds Chris Hemsworth loofahing his six pack with a baby sloth.

I think that, based on evidence presented thus far, Ness Shaishi buys ships with PLEX. He exchanges his real-world time for money, and avoids wasting his game time grinding to afford in-game toys, and thus he is in essence exchanging mundane tasks in the real world for experiences in-game which would otherwise be unavailable to him with a toon that cannot even put a T2 hardener or missile launcher upon an Onyx.

Which is kind of bizarre, given the requirements for flying an Onyx reads like a laundry list of shit a noob wouldn't train to save his life, but hey - who are we to argue with the choices of someone playing the game and exploring all the many and varied ways of content creation, destruction and experiences available?

Certainly, the bulk of $15 bought Ness Shaishi a lesson in d-scan (not learned yet) and Protars. We must only hope that his thirst for exploration is undiminished by this setback.

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  1. Have you any idea how bad a sloth smells?:)


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