Friday, 23 January 2015

The batphone brawl

Prolapse. runs a batphone doctrine of Enyo (+/- Vengeance, Wolf) and Execqurors (+/- Augorors). We use this because it is a solid fleet comp, for a host of reasons mostly related to sig tanking, and it is fast to move 23 jumps out of our C4, through K-space, and often one or two wormholes deep into the alimentary canal of Anoikis, to attend potential shooting matches and ganks.

Time is often of the essence, because batphone opportunities often dissappear - ratters finally notice the new sig and wormhole, or run through their available ratting content, people dock theirSkynet War Libraries, or just wave off stalking the bait put before them.

In this case, we came 8 jumps total, to rendezvous with Montgomery Black in a lowsec system, and jump into a C3. Lodestone was lurking a verge of collapse highsec, where a Devoter was apparently interdicting logistics. He knew of four or at most five other pilots, and he and Mont had two toons. Lode would get tackle and we'd come in via a C3-C3 connection and drop on the Devoter's mates when the gig was up. The target was a C3 Black Hole.

We brought 2 Augorors, 1 Execquror, a Vengeance, a Hound, and 5 Enyos. Lode was in a pimp tengu, Mont had a Proteus and his corpmates were >8j out with Astarte and Ashimmu. The plan was clear, so as Lode decloaked we jumped from lowsec into the first C3....and discovered Montgomery Black lacked a bookmark from that C3 to the target.

Lode was already committed, brawling the Devoter on the VOC highsec and expecting a pair of lokis, a Legion and a Hyperion any moment. Shit was about to go down and we lacked the bookmarks. A hurried probing later, we finally found the correct hole, and Mont led us in, via a 58 AU warp, as Lode got ECM droned and his tank began to fail. We landed the Augorors with cap transfers but it took 5s to slough onto grid and I'd barely completed locking when he assploded. We were on field and shit had got real.

The following battle lasted about 25-30 minutes and went in 3 stages, basically. Firstly the foe tried bailing, and spread themselves out. Wraith01 basically soloed Xiana Zen's Legion while everyone else pinned the two Lokis and the Hyperion down 30km apart from one another, and took Trethard's Loki out. The Falcon made a nuisance of himself, which contributed to a few AF's getting deep in hull, but eventually Vincent in the Hound managed to stuff enough torps up his tailpipe to make him pop

Then we began chewing on the other Loki as a Domi landed, had all it's drones raped to death, and bailed. We got at least 2 Geckos down and several flights of Valkyries. A Proteus turned up, and did nothing much. Without the ECM, our logi's were doing well, and we were hoping to get everything killed ASAP, when a Guardian landed. We were told our Astarte and Ashimmu were coming, but they got deeply lost (again, bookmarks were an issue), so without them we lacked the DPS to really push shit over before the second Guardian landed. And we also lacked the neuts to cripple them.

The final phase of the battle, we had the Astarte, Ashimmu had just turned up, but the enemy had 2 RR Domis and 2 Guardians. So we made a call to blaze off and kill the Drake, which was easily accomplished, and then the enemy fielded enough sentry drones to blap one of our Augorors, so then we bailed, with my Vengeance heavily tackled and a dead loss.

leaving aside the Tengu, Prolapse lost...well, almost nothing. To be honest, the Tengu went down only because of those missed BM's, which you get when someone's flying at 4 a.m.. Our foes reported that they were midway moving into their new C5, and were caught flat-footed themselves, hence the trickling of ships onto field.

Pity i didn't have FRAPS running!


  1. I was hoping you would post about this so I could figure out what happened. I was hauling fuel in when I jumped from the high. Saw a capsule on dscan and warped to my POS. As soon as I enter warp a Devoter lands on grid and bubbles, but I was away safely. At the POS I see Hyperion, Tengu, Devoter on dscan and figure it is not a good idea to haul anymore, so I log. Log back in an hour and warp a scout to the hole. The hole is gone and there are a pile of wrecks and drones. The drake wreck was not looted and had 200+ mil in mods that dropped from the T3s. Nice little surprise from Bob.

    1. Hahaha yeah, we were just entering the lowsec system when you ade it past the Devoter. Good to see you got a bit of mana from heaven from that.


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