Saturday, 17 January 2015

Operation Interruptus

This tales comes via a friend, an habitual abuser of the Dick Virus class of Proteus, domiciled in J233555. It seems J233555 is perhaps one of the deadliest wormholes in EVE for the humble Heron.

Anyway, this is the tale as related to me.

Delta Blues was out attending a friend's batphone when he noticed an Orca and a Prospect on d-scan in his home wormhole. He checked the static and other wormholes, assuming they were transiting,  and then finally found them both at an ore site. The supplied image is below.

Events transpired as below.

Apex Bex came back 14 jumps from the operation, jumped in the wormhole and went to POS. he hopped in his Proteus named Night Fever, and warped it to the belt. He let off a salvo of bombs, severely damaging the Prospect. The Prospect pilot immediately boarded the Orca before the second salvo (which, coincidentally, blew up the empty Prospect).

The Orca launched his EC-600's....which instantly vaporised from the smartbombs, preventing an escape. Delta Blues reshipped to a Drake, and began whaling on the Orca. He then decides he's fucked, and ejects his Probe, in order to GTFO; sadly this dies instantly to the smartbombs as well.


So that's how you get a free Orca.

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  1. Wormhole ore site and orca on grid...One is born every minute or so they say.


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