Saturday, 1 November 2014

Keeping a clean killboard

Today we got a batphone from some friends who said "2 Rattlesnakes doing sites in a C4 Pulsar, accessible only via a crit hole".

The entry system was 6 from our exit.

Count me in. I went to Amarr, dropped off my Enyo and fit up a Blarpy in record time, and in we went. Tengu, 4 Blarpy, bait Prospect (yeah, he brought it along), Hawk and Dram with 2 Scythes, versus two Rattlers with RR and cap transfers. Plus we may not get out again. But #YOLO.

The targets were some nubsticles, who had 2 kills and 6 losses between them. Our plan, to break their tanks, was to bump the two ships apart, breaking the RR chain and cap chain, and hope to hell the Rattlers didn't drop either Geckos or Acolytes on the frigs. The Scythes were probably fine, and you could easily disengage one or both if the Geckos went for them.

In the end, it mattered not. We dropped in, spread points, pushed the two fatties apart and...they ejected and warped their pods out. So we stopped one of our guys from madly trying to get a killmail he was dead set on getting, and we boarded our new prizes.

Of course, only one of us was going back the way we came. We evacced 4 frigs, and then I jumped the Rattler I'd stolen, and crushed the n766 we came in via. The remainder got out the new N766, which coincidentally exited a few jumps from the last. Bueno.

The Rattler I nicked was T2 rigged, Pith X-type XL shield booster, RF TP, and worth about 900M, the other a bit less. So we all made about 200M, and the victims avoided having a couple of billion ISK in losses splashed across zkillboard.

A fair exchange, I think.

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  1. The only reason to eject is if you have a pod that is worth even more and you really don't want to lose that.


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