Tuesday, 18 November 2014

One second too late

We had just rolled our N766 static when we got a batphone; one of your collleagues had been stalking a wormhole for a Noctis (details on this are fuzzy) and was watching a guy's POS, with a couple of Domis, the Noctis and a Machariel logged in. he was waiting to maybe gank the Noctis as it finished a site. They possibly new he was there, or were just bored and OCD, and were repositioning guns around the POS.

Then, suddenly, the shield goes down, leaving the innards exposed; an SMA, a capital ship assembly, various other shit, with the Domis and other ships just sitting there, exposed and awkward. He can't solo them in his Tengu, everyone is many, many jumps away, and  suddenly the POS begins re-onlining. The Domis and Machariel and Noctis log out.

Our contact thus comes onto comms and gives us a desto - he was giving everyone 20 minutes to get to the desto before he was going to pop the SMA and see what the loot fairy says about how rich he'll be. He needs people to help scoop the loot and ships.

So we probe our way to hisec in record time and I jjust set off ASAP, 10j through hisec. The shoiting begins, and then the looting, but I'm the only one who can fly the Legion which is ejected. With 1 minute to go, I jump into the connecting C2 wormhole and get warp-ins to the )477 and then to the POS. I land on grid with the Legion with 1 second to go on the shield onlining, and attempt to board it. It says some crap about cannot board for the next 3 seconds. my pod is brushed away as the bubble goes up, and we all laugh and moan in comic despair at how close we were to complete looting.

Still, 1.4B in ships, and 1.3B in goodies from the arrays.

POS interfaces - maybe offlining a POS needs a big red safety button, just like the safety switch on your guns in highsec?

Poor guy.

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