Friday, 28 November 2014

The ultimate terror weapon

Sudden Buggery is not just a corp name. It's a philosophy, a way of life, and a fragrance.

I may have mentioned the Dick Virus smartbombing proteus which I have deployed to murder relic running frigates. It has been a resounding success for myself and for the alt of one of my members, who has his own wormhole he inhabits.

Last night, at 11 p.m. WST, i was stalking a Buzzard in a relic site in our C2 when a Sukuvestaa heron hopped in a C4 and went to the sun and began probing. I blew him up in one salvo of bombs and cloaked up 2,458m from his wreck and corpse. Within a minute, there was another fire on the same wormhole and a Buzzard came through. he warped to the sun to loot his compadre's wreck. Within five seconds of decloaking to scoop, he was dead.

That's a billion ISK killed in 5 minutes. It's superfluous to say, but I will mention, the other guy in the Buzzard stayed cloaked and I went to bed with a masive grin on my ugly mug.

With such a steady supply of corpses, we have installed an Altar of Bob in the C2 my henchman inhabits. Consider this before you go running relics and data sites in C1, C2 or C3 space.

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